Hey everyone! Thought I’ll share this with you & put a smile on your face! (or I hope you guffaw like a hyena!!)

Ok, so we all know how our friends would accidentally leave their FB open so others could sabotage their statuses, writing variations of humiliating quotes, from being gay, to itchy vaginas & well, insert -other-embarrassing-medical- conditions etc

One particular case was ….Leanne leaving her FB open for Mr Itchy hands (GT) to play with..& it ended up with this…

Ok. Funny enough right?? But then the funnier thing is….

Because Leanne kept calling me ‘Judas’, (girls meant to side with girls you see…some stupid girl code Leanne came up with *rolls eyes…..JOKES hahah Leanne don’t kill me!! ) I had to do something back to GT to prove I’m not ‘Judas’

SO! He happened to leave his FB open…& I proceeded to write ” I need a penis enlargement” on his status …At the same time, David was ‘chatting’ with me also, thinking I was GT. So I told him I was not GT & NOT to tell GT what I wrote on his status-as yet.

(the yellow is me)


So GT was online at the same time, & I was typing so fast I didn’t see..EPIC EPIC FAIL.


So today,  he left his FB open again BAHAHAH… & I wrote….




Then I realized…I should’ve been smarter in the comment why oh why did I put “itchy vagina”, when I could’ve said something to do with his dick etc… = = ” EPIC FAIL AGAIN WHYYYYYYYY!!?????

Anyways Leanne…at least I proved my undying loyalty lah.


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