I love stalking


Yes. I love stalking blogs.

Well TECHNICALLY, their blogs are there for the public to see right (just like mine) so it’s not like I’m being SUPER kaypoh (nosy) or anything…it’s already out there true?

Nah I’m just kidding heheh on a serious note though, apart from all the fashion & photography, it’s just interesting to see how someone else goes about THEIR day, how they cook their pasta, how they ‘name & shame’ their haters, what plastic surgery they’ve done & their experiences with it etc.

It’s sort of inspirational….you get ideas for fashion looks & buys, wisdom quotes, music, tips on how to cook, reviews of make-up & other products , travel, great online discount stores etc…some even teach you about hair!

SO! Here I am again providing you peoples (who I’m guessing bored with your life as well since you’re reading my blog secretly hehehehe) with some new blogs that I really like!

(And of course to spread the love of blogging so…must share love so I get good karma back hihihih)

This one, I accidentally came across as I was looking through ‘Lookbook.nu’ & I thought she has awesome fashion sense, not to mention pretty too with ‘drool worthy’ accessories!

1) http://www.rigeldavis.com

Love love love her accessories, style & clothes!!

2) I also came across this website/blog when Rigel mentioned she is going to be blogging here…

2) http://www.carteblanche-x.com/faces/

Heiress Arissa Cheo & her cousin Lin Ting happens to be its founders/ creators.

Love Arissa’s personal style too, so street chic/ a bit-goth-but-not look, with all the awesome custom made jewelleries etc.

The cool thing about this blog is you can click the little ‘dress’ symbol on the right column under their profile pic for inspiration on looks!

Arissa has really sold me on these pair of sunnies! Now I want a pair of rocking AM sunnies too (or 2!) & I am waiting impatiently for her blog shop to open. OH also, I would never have come across CHARA- Japanese singer if it wasn’t for Arissa’s blog. Now I am in love with her unique voice as well!

The next one I found through Xiaxue’s twitter responses.

3) http://www.bongqiuqiu.blogspot

She is the cutest & so hilarious too! I love how she is so open, light-hearted & honest just about her life in general & her experiences. I saw her put up a very simple way to cook ‘Aglio Olio?’ & immediately cooked it after for my sis & her fiance hahah~

4) http://www.deecup.tumblr.com

Heheheheh this is my friends’ blog. I think I’ve told her enough times how much I like her blog. With her eccentric pics, quirky quotes & messages of the day! It’s surprising how so few words can express so much!

Keep it up D!! ❤

LOVE this pic hahahaha

…..And I ADORE that Pimp lookin Domo-kun!!!

5) http://www.fashionhedonism.blogspot.com

I have to thank Roshali for showing me this fabulous  boho-chic blog by Christing!

I like her style as well although I don’t think I can pull it off. It looks very ‘shabby chic’! Her travel memoir is also sooo enviable sigh~makes me want to travel all the time! Check it out!

Hmmm for the moment…that is all, but I have some others I’d like to share with you guys as well again soon, but this will have to make do for now :)) Enjoy!!

All photos are from their direct website/blogs! Check them out if you like what you see! Also I will put them in column on the right so you guys can always click there.

OHH Also, did you notice I put JJ’s “Natural Wellness Chinese Medicine Ad link on the right column as well? ——->


2 thoughts on “I love stalking

  1. Hi Elle,

    Just thought I’d let you know that AM sunnies is actually an Australian brand and you can buy them online from their website. You can buy them from General Pants, too. That’s where I got mine haha.

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