Selamat Hari Ibu, 母亲节快乐, Happy Mothers’ Day!

My mom is a hardworking woman.

She not only carried me for nine months, but also my 4 sisters.

She works 7 days a week in Jakarta, waking up at 4.30AM & coming home about 6PM

When she comes over here to visit for a ‘holiday’ she’s always cooking, cleaning, washing, fixing, gardening, doing this errand, that errand. Even I get exhausted when she’s here lol. She’s not the sort of mom I can take to brunch/coffee or shopping (no way!) because she thinks it’s a waste of money & we SHOULD save that money for the future. And when we want to take her to dinner, she says “why? When I can cook better at home?” She saves because she wants to make sure that we all (including her grandkids) will have enough in the future & that we can learn from her example…

 When we were very young & didn’t have much, we never felt like we were ever hungry, because she always made sure we are always fed & full.

And when our financial situation did get better, she took us travelling overseas- all 4 of us! (Sorry Delinda, you weren’t born yet haha)

And to imagine many mothers nowadays can’t “handle” 1 or 2 kids, imagine taking 4 out to travel- overseas!!

I imagined that most people who happen to be the only child in the family, you would be pretty spoilt by your parents ( please don’t get offended, I meant spoilt not as in ‘bratty’ behavior, but you would live a pretty good life right?) but I felt I was spoilt enough & I am one in 5 kids. I am also very lucky that my sisters & I were all able to study abroad comfortably, with the luxury of staying in our own home.

When I was really young, I stuck to my mom like a “stamp (perangko)” as she would call me. As I grew older & as I lived separately from her (as she is in Jakarta for our family business), it’s sad I don’t act that way anymore & I hate myself sometimes for arguing with her during the short period of time I do get to see her,  & getting angry over petty things.

For that I am always regretful & I try time & time again to be more patient with my mom, as she had been to me.

I wish you are here today 🙂

Anyways….some old pics I found!

 I think this was in HK… look at me sulking & being a brat (in yellow)

I think this was in Thailand….


This is in Melbourne before I went to school here!

Lastly, my family potrait back in the day….

Yes lah laugh all you want. I know I look gay with my stupid bob & dress & why am I the only odd one out wearing pink?!! Need to retake again hahah~

Also the white’ thingo’ is a reflection of my windows because I took this photo with my iPhone & it’s high up on the wall (those of you who came to my house before have seen this up on the wall above the piano)

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone! xx

2 thoughts on “Selamat Hari Ibu, 母亲节快乐, Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. Hey, I’m just a passerby but I wanted to say that this entry sounds very heartfelt and touching. Your mom is clearly a very inspiring woman! Nice blog btw. 🙂

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