✮ A Compilation Just for You ✮



Lately, I’ve lost interest to go out to party…. & instead replaced it with just gym-ing & cooking or a nice dinner with just family & close friends. Apart from that, the highlight of my day is to watch the new Korean Drama I raved to you guys about a couple of weeks ago- ‘New Tales of Gisaeng”.

There is also the creeping agitation I feel about my Singapore trip & that I really should start saving towards that- which is going to be difficult if I go out every weekend to drink etc.

So…this post is just a happy reminder of what was & I hope to update on that soon…..or maybe after my trip haha~

By the way, my Dad & kid sister will be coming here in June 12, so all the more reason to stay home & spend much needed ”catching up” with family. Unfortunately my Dad is only here for 2 weeks, but the upside is my kid sister (ok not so much a kid anymore hahah but she’s 8 years younger) will be commencing high school here…so YAY! 🙂

Anyways…a little funny story to tell about the above picture. Do you recognize the guy? Well he’s 陳國坤 or Danny Chan- a HK actor. You may recognize him if have watched Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer (he was the Goalie) & Kung Fu Hustle (the Villain). Due to his resemblance to the late Bruce Lee, he was also the main actor in the 2008 series ‘The Legend of Bruce Lee”. He is also currently due  in a new film this year called ‘Spirit of Fight’ – another film in commemoration of Bruce Lee. Ok ok so you get the point.

SO! I was introduced to him through a friend’s friend at a club & after clubbing, we went to Karaoke in Chinatown. I was told he’s a pretty big celeb but oh well…I don’t know what I was thinking that night right…but all I remembered was in the karaoke room, unfortunately for him, he was sitting on my right & I was sorta being bossy to him, asking him to help me pick English songs since he had the remote etc (cuz I didn’t know how to work the bloody remote). I was like “Pick this one! No that one! Yes pick this one! I want that one!” And he very KINDLY & Happily obliged. So I was singing (or attempting to sing) & he was so nice to clap along & sing & nod his head/body along in rhythm LOL & in return I was doing the same for him. BLOODY HELL, the next day, I finally realized how much I must’ve  seemed like a dick to this guy….nonetheless…he is super SUPER nice (well at least in the short time I’ve met him). There was no air of “I-am-a-fucking-celebrity-who-is-too-cool-for-school” in contrary to some of the ‘ordinary’ people I know who act top shit. So,hats off to this ‘gentleman’…his attitude is definitely something I admire- people who are humble although they are quite well known 🙂

Anyways ciao peoples! xx

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