Hey Everyone!!

So… one year has passed since I first made my blog post!! ;D


Never imagined I still update this blog a year later & how much it has changed since my first post.

If you can be bothered to have a quick read from my very first post, you might notice the subtle changes in the pictures & its quality (although of course I still don’t have a DSLR camera- but I switched from taking photos with my Nokia to my iPhone 4 hehe), as well as the changes in the sizes & style of photos & writings etc. 🙂

This blog is a therapeutic way for me to release stress…I write how I feel as I feel it, what comes into my mind,  what I’m obsessing over etc… just like a diary.

 Sometimes I am tempted to rant & vent about all my bad experiences with people & life in general…kinda like Xiaxue (YOU MUST READ HER BLOG, SHE IS AWESOME!! http://www.xiaxue.sg) but I try REAL hard not to, just so that when I come back to my blog, I can re-live just happy memories. 🙂

Anyways, I saw this topic trending on Twitter a while back & I was thinking if I can come up with 100 facts about myself that I’m comfortable enough to share with you guys! WARNING though, it could be boring haha~




  1. My first ‘boyfriend’ is from Thailand when I went to school in JKT in 2000 & I went out with him in Grade 6 while he was in grade 8, luckily, it lasted only about a week! phew~
  2. My first kiss was with my 3rd ” boyfriend” in Grade 7 & he was a drummer for a school band!
  3. I love all types of junk fried food, esp. KFC, Peri Chips & extra extra chicken salt on the chips!
  4. I LOVE chocolate…& pretty much 90% of all things sweet.
  5. 162cm in height
  6. 55kg in weight :)))))) (I have a gut BTW!)
  7. I had Teeny-Boppers hair colours from blonde to copper, red & brown
  8. I was OBSESSED with Japanese Ganguros at one stage in high school so I tanned myself, bought ganguro magazines, coloured my hair copper etc. = = ”
  9. I used to have boy-short hair much of my pre-teen life thanks to my mother who was OBSESSED with Demi Moore after watching Ghost…NEVER AGAIN!
  10. I won many gold medals in primary school for running track, high jump & pretty much all sports…now I can’t even run!
  11. I have never peeled a prawn, cracked a crab or lobster my whole life! I SWEAR
  12. I ate my FIRST lobster (which was already out of shell) in 2010 in Thailand, cuz it was fried & was out of the shell.
  13. I refused to eat Chicken feet for Yum Cha & pigeon, because AGAIN, too much in ‘original form’…
  14. (This is boring right?)
  15. (Yes. Super Boring)
  16. Currently obsessed with Korean Actor Jang Geun Seuk
  17. Won 2nd in a Singing Contest against other international students in Nanjing, China during a uni-trip.
  18. Walked close to 5 hours of the Great Wall of China…my legs really felt like jelly…
  19. I eat Shin Ramyum Korean instant noodles almost everytime I watch K-Drama
  20. I squat- sometimes
  21. I have eaten my own boogers before (YES, when I was a child lol)
  22. Oh yeah, I’ve peed in the pools when I was young.
  23. My signature scents are: CHANEL Mademoiselle, Vera Wang Princess, Burberry Sheer, GUCCI Flora BUT the one I love most is GUCCI Rush- which happens to be the one I don’t have.
  24. I love sitting on the floor when I eat, or on a little stool whilst watching TV, so the dinner table is rarely used.
  25. Ariel the mermaid is my favorite Disney Princess
  26. Quite pedantic towards first impressions e.g how firm a handshake is etc (You will know from my previous post ‘Simple Manners’)
  27. I hate driving on tram tracks & have a small phobia that my car will slide off it & I will crash
  28. I am afraid of heights- even when I was on the Eureka Tower
  29. Indian, Malaysian, Indo & Korean is my favorite food just because they are sooooo saucy & rich in their texture & sauce.
  31. I love all things heart…I even have a small heart tattoo on the back of my right shoulder
  32. I have a burning desire to have plastic surgery done on my eyes & nose, but my fear of pain is stopping me!
  33. I MUST & can only study in silence
  34. My boyfriend is a twin
  35. His older brother’s girlfriend happens to be my friend since High School, Tammi & we both were introduced to them on the same day
  36. My eyesight is poor & shortsighted at -4.75
  37. I currently have invisible braces on my bottom teeth since it’s super crooked. I will do a post about that next time since the dentist is super crap!
  38. I have 4 sisters, no brothers. I am NUMBER 4! (lol imagine me saying it like the guy from that movie)
  39. My favorite movie director is Sofia Coppola, Quentin Taratino, Hayao Miyazaki
  40. Favorite movies: Marie Antoinette, Lust/Caution, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Shaft & Most of Studio Ghiblis’ collection.
  41. I am in the Volunteer Committee alongside my Team Leader at work 🙂
  42. Favorite colour is pink
  43. I have a Habitual personality. E.g always taking the same routes, sit at the same place etc.
  44. G & I have dated since 2005
  45. Went to kindy in Jakarta, sent to Singapore 1995-2000, then to Jakarta 2000-2002, then residing in Melbourne Australia since then.
  46. I learnt Mandarin language in Singapore since it is compulsory you pick either Malay or Chinese as a subject… and since the Malay & Indonesian language is similar, I took up Chinese.
  47. I tend to turn deaf when I am reading something, so yeah you can bitch about me & I won’t hear a thing.
  48. I can play basic piano. Stopped learning after 2 years…I guess that is one of my regrets is not continuing.
  49. I used to have  7 tamagotchis ranging from: turtle, dino,2x cat,2x alien, chicken
  50. I used to have various pets. Hamsters (up to 21!) terrapins, hermit crabs, bunnies, a dog (My Baby Potty!) fishes & crickets.

(Shiet, 100 is a long way man!)

  1. I took Indonesian language in High School as a ‘bludge’ subject for extra credit points.
  2. I even took up ESL although I speak fluent English to get extra points 🙂
  3. I wear size 38 shoes
  4. My favorite alcoholic drinks are Moscato & Apple with Frangelico….pretty much the sweet drinks
  5. People’s first impression of me is mistaking me for a Korean, I take it as a compliment 🙂
  6. Graduated in 2010 with Double Degree Bachelor of Commerce/Arts & majoring in both Finance & Languages.
  7. I get scared of my friend’s driving…it’s usually not them..it’s me.
  8. I believe in ghosts & the supernatural 😛
  9. Currently LOVE this new K-Drama called ‘New Tales of Gisaeng’. Make sure you all watch it
  10. My highest ever fever was I was staying in Nanjing China, with 39.4 Deg. I had my blood drawn out at the hospital.
  11. I am too afraid to drive into the city….unless I have a human GPS with me
  12. I was in a Cheerleader group in the 2 years I was in Middle School in Jakarta. No kidding!
  13. Favourite Milk Tea flavors have to be ‘Mango Special Milk Tea!’
  14. My old Chinese name was 嫦娥 after the Moon Goddess due to my Chinese horoscope but now it’s changed to 桑桑 after the Mulberry leaves which is an important food source for Silkworms. My surname is 周.
  15. I LOVE KIMCHI!!!!!!
  16. My most treasured bag is my Burberry Prorsum S/S 2008 Alligator Warrior ❤
  17. CHANEL & Burberry is one of my favourite brands.
  18. Always wanted to travel to Japan.
  19. I like to linger around in 24 hr K-Mart new my house hahah, mostly night time.
  20. Also in IKEA, not to mention, I LOVE the meatballs they serve at their foodcourt!
  21. My favourite Phos would be from ‘Chu The’ in Richmond or ‘Dhakao Huang?’ in Springvale. So far, Proud Peacock at Glenny station is not too bad. Plus they provide free cake, fruits & biscuits (like the picture on top)
  22. Good ‘After Clubbing’ food would have to be Nasi Lemak from Chilli Padi or the Poutine from Panned Pizza!
  23. I want to try eating in Press Club someday!
  24. Always start out with an ‘Opening Special’ when I’m with my girls! 🙂 Good way to start the night!
  25. I despise girls who have disregard for other guy’s girlfriends, as much as guys who continually flirt with girls that are already taken
  26. I am freaked out by those toy babies that can close their eyes
  27. Favourite mangas & anime all time: Parfait Tic, Death Note, One Piece, Naruto, Gokusen, Detective Conan, Salad Days, Inuyasha….that’s all I can think of at the moment…
  28. I love Sailor Mars & Venus
  29. Scorpio ( I get along best with Pisces!)
  30. Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac ( I get along best with Pig Zodiac!)
  31. I thought if I die, I want the song ‘Sukiyaki’ by 4.P.M played
  32. I drive an Accord
  33. Like Mandaring singers David Tao, Jay Chou & Khalil Fong’s songs
  34. Best Taiwanese series & all time fave has to be Meteor Garden!
  35. My daily routine is very boring. Wake Up. Go to Work. Go Home. Small lunch & snack while watching K-Drama/ Anime or reading Manga at home (unless of course I have a lunch date). Gym. Dinner. Sleep. (Same cycle everyday)
  36. I have to drink Milk tea or Instant Hot Coffee every morning
  37. I had been scammed before with one of those accommodation schemes over the net
  38. My favorite writer is Lisa See & her books such as ‘Snowflower & the ‘Secret Fan’ (coming out as a movie!) & ‘Peony in Love’.
  39. I love furry animals…but I also used to have Hermit crabs & crickets as pets when I was young!
  40. This was me when I was younger & in Singapore! Very boyish- note the boyish hair-cut etc & very sporty!! My sis will kill me if she saw that I put this up heheh 😛
  41. This blog was made on 13 April 2010.
  42. I graduated in July 2010 but I haven’t attended the ceremony yet
  43. I used to have a beauty mark on the top left lip but its been ‘lazered’ off. Problably as close to cosmetic surgery I have ever been~
  44. I hate egg yolk & if I have to eat it, I don’t like it runny!
  45. I wish Dexter exists.
  46. I can speak Singlish
  47. Favorite drinking game have to be ‘Superheroes!’
  48. I get scared when driving downhill
  49. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me, someone accidentally pushed her & she fell. One doctor said I would not make it into this world, but another said I could be saved. Thanks mom, I love you 🙂

I can’t think of number 100. I mean I have some other facts that could fill in this gap but they don’t seem as ….magnificent enough to be #100!

So I guess I’ll leave it for now hahaha

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I racked my brains to look for facts that might be ‘interesting’ enough…. 😛

Ciao ciao!!!

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