28 July – 1 Aug 2011


FINALLY, my long awaited ‘Only Girls’ trip materialized. 🙂

Will be jetting off with none other than Cherise, Roshali, Cathiee & Mishy to Singapore, city of the Merlion.

I used to live in this miniature but amazing country- it is exciting to be finally re-united again, especially with my crazy girlfriends.

I cannot wait to eat cheap (& maybe dirty) hawker food in Newton Circus, stroll & shop in the humid Orchard Rd, get crunked at ZOUK, Butter Factory & Ministry at night ( & other clubs), dine alongside Clarke Quay, visit the Singapore Zoo (for the Singapore virgins Mishy & Cathiee) & beach/club it up & sightsee in Sentosa Island & lounge at Marina Bay Sands…strangely, I even look forward to catching the ever efficient MRT!!

I will update you about the trip soon!!

For now…I am dreaming & packing up my suitcase in my mind hehehe…I look forward to that day!


Butter Factory

P.S: Please suggest where else we should go!! 🙂

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