Simple Manners

  1. Say ‘Thank You’
  2. Say ‘Please’
  3. Smile 🙂
  4. Offer a handshake when introduced to someone new
  5. Make it a FIRM handshake
  6. Use  ‘Excuse Me’
  7. Apologize if you are in the wrong
  8. Acknowledge a person’s partner (if they have one) with a simple “How’s _____?”
  9. Give way/seat to elderly, pregnant or those in need- ALSO those who are exiting
  10. WAVE THANKS, if a vehicle gives way for you to walk across AND walk at a faster pace, rather than chit-chat on phone etc.
  11. WAVE THANKS, if a vehicle let’s you into a lane
  12. Line – Up patiently
  13. Don’t keep people waiting
  14. Don’t always talk about yourself
  15. If you have an Asian friend, address their parents with either ‘Auntie or Uncle’ OR ‘Mr__ & Mrs__’
  16. Offer tea to others first
  17. Excuse yourself from the table if you have a ‘Phone Call’ & not amongst close friends.
  18. Give way to ladies (C’mon guys, Chivalry is not dead)
  19. Remember names
  20. Remember that Good manners goes a long way 🙂

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