Fashionably LATE!

Hey Everyone!!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve updated!! *hit myself over the head heheh

Lately I have been a victim to an epidemic of the ‘Lazybones’ disease….so there. LEGIT!

But also, I had a special guest from Tokyo staying at mine for a week, so it would be kind of rude to spend time on my laptop than with her hehehe

Anyways…I went to the Melbourne L’oreal Fashion Festival on 18th March 2011 for the first time! I have always wanted to go but it didn’t materialize until this year haha~ I guess now I finally found a partner in crime to go with! And that is none other than Sandra (S).


S & I chose that particular date because 1) it was hosted by Harpers Bazaar 2) it had all our favourite designers such as :








*Note: The first pic under Dion Lee was from a previous collection & was not shown on the LMFF 2011, the rest are. Photos courtesy of

It was disappointingly…… a quick show (haha! Did you think I was going to say the clothes were disappointing?)

One hour seriously wasn’t enough, flew right past!!

I have to say though, the most impressive has to be Toni Maticevski!

I tried to take some photos but it was kind of dark so it didn’t turn out well. Then I tried – again in vain, to take a video, but somehow the runway models were too “bright” for my iPhone4!

So…apologies lah hahaha I wish I had sat much closer to the front & have a DSLR with me.


Anyways here are some pics of the night!!

*during this pic, a couple behind us tried to photo-bomb, but they didn’t realise this was taken by a ‘self-take’ option, so I can see them trying to photo-bomb! hahah I turned around & told them I can see them- in a nice manner I swear, but I guess they ended up being too ‘paiseh’ (embarrassed) to even say sorry or smile back. F*** you.

*Australian actress Melissa George who was also the face of L’oreal Fashion Festival. Also known from her role in Alias along Jennifer Garner.

My Outfit: [Jacket by CUE, Dress by Sass & Bide, Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Belt by MNG (I think), Bag by BURBERRY Prorsum]

Finished the night by partying in Alumbra after visiting Spice Market for our dear friend’s birthday- HELENA!!! Happy Birthday girl & I hope you like the ” Opening Special!” 🙂

This group pic above is taken at Alumbra for Mohan’s Birthday as well…so Happy Birthday once again MOHAN!!

That night, my friend from Tokyo came down so I was really happy!

It happened to be her birthday that Sunday too, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUMI CHAN!~

hahaha so many birthday wishes!

I wish you all the best in everything, may your wish come true!

To happiness, health, career & love ! ❤

Hope I can spend many more upcoming ones with you!!~


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