Pearl of the Orient

Liu Wen

Though walking down the runway for Victoria’s Secret- a lingerie line coveted by women & lusted by men, Liu Wen is not your typical ‘busty-Tera-Patrick/Charmaine-Starr’ type of Asian beauty.

I love her Oriental high cheek bones, snow white skin, her heavy lids, oval face & high temples…just….beautiful

She really portrays that old classic porcelain Shanghai Girls look, or the cover books by Lisa See…& not sure if you guys are familiar, but my Grandma used to use this brand of powder, square in shape & the powder is not in dust form, & the cover is of 1920s Chinese lady??

Anyways, enough talk.

She is the first Asian (& I hope not the last) to walk the runway if Victoria’s Secret & also the first to be the face of Estee Lauder.

(Photos from Vogue China September 2010 Issue)

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