Melbourne 1.2

Hey Everyone,

Here is the second part…

I guess you never realize the beauty of the place you are staying at until you show a couple of friends from out of town what it’s like!

Of course being voted N0.2 ‘Most Livable City’ helps as well!

Here is a pic of the ‘tourists’ lol!

Brunching at DeGraves St off Flinders.

Along with some local favourites, Red Velvet babycakes!

Reminds me a bit of a Manhattan look-a-like

Window Shopping in Collins & Lil Collins St!

The fashionable 🙂

Daikon Salad @ Horoki

Seaweed Chips! ;D

Last drinks @ Spice Market before the Airport


Here is something funny/unusual I saw @ Chaplins as well…

Wth is ‘Apple Fucker?’ lol :S

Anyways, on a more serious note, looking at the tragedy in Japan, I am now more grateful than ever to be here.

Let us all pray for our friends in Japan.

To show your support, please donate generously at :

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