When we were young

Looking back at old high school pics brings such mixed feelings.

For me, most include ‘WTF was I thinking/wearing/doing’.

Feel slightly sad, embarrassed where I cover my face in humiliation but laugh out loud at the same time.

Anyways, I’m just really really grateful & blessed that when I moved here for High School in Year 9, I met real great friends that I will remember for life…they made me end my year with such a warm feeling (Corny Alert!!)

It is a bit sad now we all hardly see each other or make contact, when we spent almost every single day from 8am-3pm with each other.

Anyways…enough talk, check out some of these old school pics.

HOW AWESOME ARE THESE??!! LOL Andrew & Alan had to do this a hundred times to get the perfect shot.

Funny guys…miss you.

Beautiful Marina who is now living in Japan on our crazy Muck Up Day

(This is one of the pics that made me go “WTF were we thinking dressing like that”) *heart attack

Me singing ‘Hero’ by Mariah Carey with Princess Nuri on the piano.

*ugh to my outfit

Miss you guys… ❤

P.S (some of the guys uniforms are mine, including pink socks lol)

Our Last Reunion in 2007…Need another one soon!!

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