Misconception of Man

Majority of guys- well taking example from the guys I know…

prefer when girls are ‘natural’, wearing very little make-up, or if possible, none at all.

I think in their minds, they have this image…

The ‘tousled-messy-but-somehow-always-get-it-right-‘ type hair, the fresh faced glow- like when you just wake up type of look.

Of course, Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s rarest & most beautiful women who would look good covered in mud, then wrapped in sack or I’m guessing she will even be pretty if stung by bees…so let’s just cut her out of this convo from here onwards.

But much to their dismay- or can I say…Ignorance…

We tend to look like this when we wake-up, or when we put no make-up on.

(Well I do anyways…)

(Sorry Ms. Diaz) Skin with broken capillaries showing, redness, uneven skin tone, pale/sickly looking, dark/puffy circles under eyes, no defined eyebrows etc etc.

Here is another photo of one of Hollywood’s hottest celebs

Angelababy with close to no make-up & no make-up at all. I think again she is an exception 🙂

& with make-up

I remembered when I rocked up in school with literally NO MAKE-UP, not even one single drop of concealer (true story!) my friends thought I was sick. :S

To look ‘natural’ ain’t so easy after all & it frustrates me when guys don’t understand why girls need time to get ready.

Take it from Michelle Phan, with a ‘Simple & Clean’ look…but it’s not that ‘simple’, it takes time & great care.

As well as her ‘Natural Look’

P.S (I’m not dissing Michelle here, merely just trying to reinforce my point hehe)

Haiiiii~ If only they knew how much effort we put in to look good for them.

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