Bad Hair Day!

Yeah….this ALWAYS happens…

I want a side fringe like this, wispy, fluffy & has a nice little half moon curve…


MOST of the time, its stringy & its just flat & straight..with no “curve”

I also want a nice voluminous bob like this….

Or a long-bob a.k.a “LOB” like this…

But mine always end up like this..

Yeah…so trust me I’ve tried to use straightener to push it inwards, a blow dry with a curling brush etc…but nothing works…It doesn’t fluff outwards the way I want it to!! ARGHHH

I also wish to have a fringe look like this…

BUT….In the end it is soo bad I end up clipping it up!!!

Lastly, when my fringe was long, I wanted this look…

But mine is like…

Lastly, I get compliments about my long hair…but honestly, it feels like this…

HAHAHAHHA hope this pic didn’t scare you too much!

Do you guys get that too??? :/

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