✮ The Leopard on My Feet ✮

Hello Everyone!!

A new addition to my Lookbook (remember, if you want to see previous photos, just click ‘Lookbook’ on the categories column on the right)

Absolutely had to have the black sleeveless epaulette shirt/dress from Country Road. Saw it, love it, got it.

Very comfy & quite cool for the hot summer although Black in colour!

Hope you guys like this simple everyday look 🙂

Outfit: [Shirt/Dress from Country Road, Jeans by Cheap Mondays, Belt by Sportsgirl, Balenciaga Giant City, Shoes by Florsheim]

The key thing in this look are really the shoes…

For summer I have invested in loafers…Have been wanting a pair of these for a while as well.

Don’t really want to buy any loafers from the big brands (been seeing lots of guys with the LV ones) because in my opinion, I don’t want to pay minimum $800 for ‘everyday shoes’..whereas I see a point in buying a pair of expensive beauties (heels) that you wear once a week/fornight/ month as a little precious ‘treat’ to yourself hehehe…Kind of like…a man buying a Mustang or Ferrari but driving it occasionally if that makes sense.

Thank god, these 2 pairs were on sale for $80!! 😀

The leopard ones are actually made by pony hair if I’m not wrong, prickly when you touch it! The other pair is leather…couldn’t leave the store without both hahah~

Also excellent quality…

Comfy, easy, laid back…also have that ‘Resort’ feel hahah~

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