From the Supermarket!

Hey guys,

As usual, I won’t disappoint you with my ‘random’ posts lol…

Recently when I went to Coles Supermarket, there were a coupla things that caught my eye haha~

Looking for a tissue box for the car & saw this…& you guys know how much I LOVE Disney Princesses hahah~ But no I wasn’t that crazy to buy it for the car lol.

(lol at the Hannah Montana one hahah)

I thought this is real handy! I don’t know how long this has been out on the market cuz I hardly go to the supermarket…but clever!~ If only though, they included like a pad in the womens one or something & a toothbrush + mini toothpaste!!


These are pretty cool…caught my eye firstly cuz the colours & packaging stand out amongst the others & they smell nice as well. I like the way they have marketed their products by stating the ‘facts’ on to the bottles.

Ok these are the cutest!! Again, the koala packaging caught my eye. Thought I should give it a try & they are the best! When you open it, the cakes come in another cute little plastic pouch. Tourists or people going back to their hometown & wish to give out little goodies from Australia should definitely get these! 🙂

Anyways…what are some of the things that caught your eye when you went to the super market??


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