Dancing in the Rain with Burberry ♡

Hey Everyone!

It has been grey skies & lots of rain this summer for us Melbournians.

Of course it does not compare to what the people at Queensland are experiencing.

Let us all pray for all those affected by the flood & those who lost their lives or their loved ones.

Please check out how you can help & send your donations to:


Please also re-post this in your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter what not like I have to spread the word.

At work you can try to organize for your colleagues to donate- at NAB my Team Leader & I went to collect donations from the other teams.

Remember guys, it all ADDS UP.

I have been trying to get some famous bloggers & public figures to retweet about the QLD Floods, but no such luck!

BUT I am proud to say that one of my favourite music electro/ dub artists – SKRILLEX actually tweeted about this disaster to increase international awareness!

Have a listen to his song (the doggie playlist below) to hear his new song ‘ Cats Rats’.




Lastly, I hope you enjoy my new lookbook 🙂

My Outfit today since it was raining heavily. So thankful to my Wellies!!!

(Sportsgirl Tee & Bag, Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans, Burberry Wellies/ Rainboots, Cherry Tree Necklace/ Crucifix)


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