The Romance in Alphabets <3

Hey Guys!

A friend of mine- the lovely cute Lyn, tagged me on this which was real interesting.

It’s some quotes & words of wisdom on love derived by Alphabets.

Originally this was tagged to me in Chinese, but I’ve tried to translate it into English as best as I can.

It may not be 100% accurate & not make sense in English translation! So I had to put my own interpretation to the Chinese quote to make more sense haha~

I thought it is beautiful & meaningful, BUT some of the quotes I don’t really agree with…so I have changed some of them, which will NOT be the same at all to the Chinese ok 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy anyways !!



“There is no perfect person.” Remember, when you love someone, you must accept their all, even their imperfections.




Belief in one another is one of the key foundations of love. You need to have belief in your relationship & belief in your other half & belief that you both can make it through the roller-coasters of life. Without it, your relationship will only end in heartbreak.




Show that you care by showering the one you love with attention. Sometimes a simple call to each other & expressing concerns such as: “Working hard?”,  or reminding him that: “The weather is cold, remember to put on more clothes”, can show the depths of how much you care about your other half. I think C should also stand for Cherish. To cherish your loved ones every single day you spend with them




During an emotional roller coaster, if the other party is a “convex”, then why don’t you be a “concave” & show patience to comfort your loved ones? By showing diligence in your actions towards one another shows that you are putting sincere effort into a relationship to make it work.




When couples encourage & support each other-  especially in the face of adversities & shortcomings, the energy & enthusiasism from your loved ones acts as an incentive stronger than one can imagine.




Your partner should still have the right to their freedom & space. The other half of your life is not your slave that can be trapped in a cage & suffocated. I believe that you can still do what you love to do within reason. But if it affects your relationship & you both are unable to compromise, then it would never work out. I think F should also stand for Forgiveness. To love is to forgive. When you can look past all the mistakes that person has made but also to forgive reasonably.




Love is not ‘giving’ & ‘expecting’ something in return.  True Love is giving without reservation & expecting nothing back.



Heart ❤

The most important props of love is sincerity of heart. Your heart must be sincere in your actions, sincere in love. If you have no heart, how can you love? I think H should also stand for Heal, which links to forgive. Some couples have had their heart-broken & feel that they can never be healed. But to love is to heal & open your heart again to someone else out there & give them a chance to be a part of you.





Everyone has their own meaning of existence. Couples should not be overly dependent on each other & become each other’s heavy burden. Remember to also love yourself by being independent in your thoughts, independent with your own circle  of friends, not always relying on your partners’ opinions & thoughts, & be enslaved by their wants & needs. Independence could also link to Heal (above). “I” can stand for Individual as well. Each person is different, you should not expect a new loved one in your life to be like someone you loved previously.




It is natural to be jealous for attention, but keep in mind to be reasonable.  If not, it will only provoke resentment in each other. To be jealous can show you care, but it can also show your selfishness.




A kiss is worth a thousand words.  A gentle & simple kiss can represent that you cherish & love them, so please do not be parsimonious with your lips.




Love & infatuation are different. To love someone, you must be willing to do anything for them & it is not temporary nor impulsive. The security & knowledge of being loved is more sweet than any gift in the world.




Young love are mostly naive & impulsive.  As you mature in love, your relationship will blossom, be more stable & fruitful.




When first dating, most people will hide their true self & become another person. Be natural in love as love will bring out all your natural imperfections.




Carefully observe the preferences of your loved ones, not only to better understand each other but to surprise them in your thoughtfulness & consideration. A share of mind & thought is more precious than gifts.




A man’s duty is to protect his lady, but a lady’s duty is to protect & respect her man’s dignity. Both  should not allow others to slander &  insult your other half. P should also stand for Passion. The should always be fire in your heart where you remember the day you fell in love & the reasons why you are in love. Love should not be a habit, but something new, fierce & evolving each day with La PASSION!!!



Quarter (Ok I don’t know why it is written as Q hahaha, but in Chinese is means something along the lines of having the ability to forgive & full of wisdom, basically a BIG HEART- but correct me if I’m wrong!)




Love is being there, like a rock through the storm. To be there for support- not just for the happy times, but through all the shortcomings. R should also stand for Responsibility. Be responsible in your mistakes, in your role & in your relationship. If there is something wrong, be responsible enough to face it & fix it, not avoid it.




Love is selfless, thinking also for your loved wants & if you will throw yourselves under the bus for them, to sacrifice for them. Love is not selfish.




Love is gentle & tender, not forceful.


歌都有得唱《Love me tender》啦!愛人當然要溫柔地愛,因為男人女人缺乏溫柔都不可愛。


Love is understanding & taking into consideration the other person’s point of view even when in disagreement.







The will to wait is an essential element in a relationship. If you love them, you must be willing to wait for them to grow & to get past the bitter days together. But of course, not wait forever for them to stop being a playboy! lol



X-“X” (multiplication symbol)

Use the love you feel for your partner & multiply that feeling each day & slowly, your love will be stronger each day. (Ok but lets not go PSYCHO love ok, cuz then it would be called OBSESSION hahaha)



Yearning (miss)

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Enough said 🙂



Zest (warm)

Zesting up a relationship shows enthusiasm It would not be an enjoyable relationship if the other person is always cold.



Credits to Rainbow826 @ Deviantart

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Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as me.

Goodnight World.


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