Hello January 2011!!

Hey Everyone!!

Yet again, I haven’t kept up with blogging! :S Frustrating yes!

To be honest, I feel so very tired lately. I pretty much wake up 5.30 AM every morning & try to get out of the house by at least 6.30-6.40AM to catch the train for work which starts at 8am.

Why do I wake up so early you ask?

Well, 1) I am a girl, so I do things that I envy guys don’t have to do at all hahaha

When I wake, I shower, then I have to blow dry & fix my crazy long hair & fringe that have grown to be ‘annoying’. Then pick out what to wear, & put on my “face” as I call it hahaha (it means make-up if some of you don’t get it hehe)

Whereas guys I guess, wake up, shower (or not) & put on a shirt, rub some clay/ wax in hair & out the door!!

Plus I like to take my time while getting ready & sip some coffee etc, so yeah 5.30AM works for me.

The downside is, when I finish work, which is 5pm nowadays & reach home at 6pm ish, (instead of 12pm cuz of the extra hours I took up), I am super tired & hungry- & 99% of the time, CBF to do things I used to do- I am even too lazy to socialize now!!! & yes I know it’s bad, & that’s why this year, I am trying to catch up with friends again- forgive me guys!

Then I go to sleep at 9.30PM…YES 9.30PM!! If I even get to bed ‘late’ like 10ish, I kinda freak out cuz I have this habit where I count how many hours of sleep I get lol.

So…since I hardly go out now (most of my friends call me Grandma) I don’t have much pictures to take!!

Also, my Mom & Delinda (younger sis) came down during Christmas till 6 Jan 2011, so I was spending time with them at home, watching Korean/ Taiwanese Drama.

In my Twitter I was joking about how ridiculous some of these drama plots are lol!

So yeah, it was so good to see them & spend some time at home.

I really miss that whole ‘come home & there’s people & food at home’ feeling, & that feeling that you’re not sleeping alone at home anymore because they are in the next room…you know? 🙂 Really, really…..miss it.

We didn’t do anything flashy even for Christmas & New Years’ Eve or New Years Day, but none the less, I love being home with them.

Anyways, in all these absence, I have managed to accumulate as many videos & photos I can…so here they are!!

Making the BEST Choc Cookies with my lil Sis D ;D

Baking away our first “Buttercream & Almond Cupcakes” 😀

Brunching at George’s Restaurant Bar Cafe in Camberwell

819 Burke Road Camberwell VIC 3124 –

(03) 9882 0777
Open Daily 10am-11pm

The lovely family visitng from Sydney & Indo 😉 After brunch in Camberwell

Best Christmas Gift EVER!! 😀

Stuffing ourselves happy at China Bar Signature, thanks to Siew & Tim ❤




These are some videos I took of my sis Delinda (D) playing the piano of my favourite tunes…

Yes, she has made some mistakes while playing but that’s because she was nervous at me taping her play & also she is still learning the piano 🙂 She is in Grade 3 piano at the moment, but I am still very proud of her 🙂

‘Reason’ from Soundtrack to popular Korean Drama ‘Autumn in my Heart’

French composer, Paul De Senneville ‘ Mariage D’Amour

River Flows in You’ by Yiruma from Japan. This song was supposed to be ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ in Twilight but replaced by DeBussy’s  ‘Claire de Lune’.

Anyways, I will be uploading other Videos up so stay tuned!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these beautiful melodies from the Piano 🙂

Goodnight World!

P.S: Also, a special thank you & congrats to the winners of the gift packs! Leanne & Sam!! Thank you for the funny & quirky interpretation of ‘What Christmas is to you!’ 😀


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