2 x Christmas Giveaways Just 4 You!!! :)

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Hey Everyone!!

Since watching Oprah’s “Favourite Things” for this Christmas…I was very close to throwing my remote control at the TV.


BUT I also wanted to copy her & give you guys- my friends some of my favourite things from The Face Shop! 🙂

Of course it wouldn’t be something like a car or something branded lol, but hey, anything FREE is good right?

Plus, I’m in such an awesome Christmas spirit yayayayayayayay!!!!~~

This is just to show my appreciation for my friends & readers alike who have always supported me & told me to keep up my hobby of blogging 🙂

There will be 2 Christmas Gift packs for 2 lucky peoples!!


These are the products I have tried before & loved. Some you guys should be familiar with from my previous blogs! 🙂

Gift Pack 1 :

Peach Tea Cleansing Foam (Which smells yummehhh & you only need a tiny bit for it to foam like crazey!! It actually has tea extract which is good for the skin!)

Silver Shimmer Nail Polish(For this festive season! Reminds me of snowflakes! It’s also one of my favourite nail coat!)

Hydro Wrapping Mask Sheet (Moisturizing & Rejuvinating for the skin!)

Pearl Mask Sheet(Pearl powder extract which is used from the olden days to make the skin look younger! :P)




Gift Pack 2 (for guys or gals):

Cereal Rice Mask Sheet

Cereal Mung Bean Mask Sheet

Fresh Fruit Aloe Mask Sheet

Fresh Fruit Acerola Mask Sheet

4x Tubs of Honey Wash-Off Face Mask ( 1 tub is enough for 2 uses, so really you get 8! Just store in fridge!)

Black Head Nose Clay Mask, Peel Off




SUPER SUPER easy to win! All you need to do is to:

1) Click the flashing Eiffel Tower on the right on my page & ‘follow’ my blog

2) Please leave a comment by answering :

“What is Christmas to you”

3) Your email !

4) Ends 2 January 2011  NEXT SUNDAY!

You guys can comment as many times as you like as long as you click “Follow” on blog-loving 🙂

Please do spread the love- tell everyone! hehe. You can even win this for your friends or family 🙂

I will choose 2 of my favourite answers & email you for your mailing address 🙂

You guys can be as creative or corny as you want 🙂

Good Luck & Don’t be shy to try..if not better chances for those who do!! 🙂



5 thoughts on “2 x Christmas Giveaways Just 4 You!!! :)

  1. Christmas to me, is a time when i can pretend to eat turkey while eating KFC =]

    btw elle, do you have time off during the christmas period? (26-31 =))~ we haven’t caught up for dinner yet ^^

  2. Hehehe that’s a good idea about KFC haha less guilty. this whole xmas will be spending with my mommy sorry sam!! She’s only here for 2 weeks from the entire year. But Jan??? 🙂

  3. Christmas is all about good time management. Darting from one family’s house to another and making sure you have enough time by the end of the night to spend it with friends!

    And also donating to the kmart wishing tree or to a good cause!!

  4. My favorite post would be this one ‘2 x Christmas Giveaways Just 4 You!!! :)’ because there is a chance for me to get a free gift / giveaway. 😀

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