Blair & Serena

Hello Everyone!!

I was surfing the net (as usual) & found these awesome shots of Blake Lively & Leighton Meester for Rolling Stone magazine as an ad campaign for Gossip Girl.

I’m not quite sure if they are recent or….but love them!

I love how fun the shots feel & how they are able to portray their on & off screen friendship so well in the photos! 🙂


Other random shots I love of the girls…

It is sometimes pleasantly surprising to see 2 polar opposites that blend so well together 🙂

Which one is your favourite shot of the girls?? 🙂




Anyways, another great Christmas gift idea would be DVD series!!

This topic actually came up while I was in the train on my way to work, discussing with my colleague what tv series we love & how he was getting his grandparents some DVDs (or was it his mom?? forgot hehe)

My top favourites would be:

1) Dexter (great for guys, not so much girls I guess unless you like the whole CSI type thing…BUT I LOVE HIM! There are 5 seasons at the moment)

2) Starter Wife (Debra Messing is hilarious in it. Mini series with 3 DVDs in the pack, great for moms & aunts)

3) HOUSE (guys will love, I’m thinking even for Dads. See I prefer this to Grey’s Anatomy)

4) Nip-Tuck (Yep!)

5) Ugly Betty (for the younger girls…funny as!)

6) Of course Gossip Girl! My all time fave will HAVE to be Season 1

7) the OC (the CRAZE when I was in high school, so again maybe something for the lil sis, cousin or niece etc)

8) Veronica Mars (like GG & OC, season 1 is its best! Love Logan & Veronica)


Sex & the City (I’ve only ever watched bits & pieces of it but it is hilarious & popular hits with the ladies- even moms)

Grey’s Anatomy (Do I have to explain McDreamy?)

The Sopranos (great for Bros/Dads/Uncles/Bf) This is one series I am planning to start on!

Smallville (my sis INSISTS this is super awesome…but I haven’t gotten around to it)

How I Met Your Mother (G says this is really funny so I’m guessing the guys should love it?)

NCIS (My Dad & Sis really like this series as well)

Hmm…I can’t think of anymore!!!

You could even get…


Young & Dangerous (HK gangster movie) lol that’s if you can get yours hand on these

Lord of the Rings ❤

Jason Bourne (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum)

Harry Potter (honestly though, I started liking it from No.5 cuz the rest were terrible acting & quality)

hhm…can’t think of more hehehe

As some of you might be aware, I was given the whole Studio Ghibli collection which I blogged about previously so that’s awesome for those who like his work or anime 🙂

Anyways…let me know what series are good ok!! 🙂



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