I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas, There Is Just One Thing I Need…

Nope it’s not a CHANEL, or any other brands.

Nope it’s not a new car.




Prepare to puke!!!




It is LOVE!!!!! FAMILY!!!! FRIENDS!!!!


LOL WELL I know it’s a Birthday hahaha but that is how I pictured my Christmas…. To spend time with people you love. That is the greatest gift of all! So yeah just picture the slogan as “Merry Christmas!!!”

Hope you all enjoy this Christmas with your loved ones.

I see that many people are spending Christmas with their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s family or going out to club or work function. Or even rather spending Christmas with friends since they get better presents than what their parents can give them etc.

I hardly spend Christmas at all with my whole family, or Easter or Birthdays. don’t quite remember the last time we were all together- My parents & my 4 other sisters.I remembered when I lived in Singapore & I turned 10, my parents sent me a birthday fax from Jakarta hahaha! And they called me up & put some Birthday music in the background for me to hear. At that time I kind of thought it was stupid & lame & I really didn’t have the “time” to talk to them because my friends were coming over for my birthday party at the Condo & I was more excited for my parent’s birthday presents to arrive compared to their call, so I hung up in a hurry.

But now, I realize that time is the greatest gift of all. I’m not putting out a sob story & sorry if I’m bringing up the past, but this is just to get my point across- of how important something is, until you can never have it again. Frankly speaking, I am not even sad anymore. (ok at this point I am a tad teary typing this) I understand that both of my parents are very busy & are only working to make sure my sisters & I all live a great life…I But at least this Christmas, my mummy (Mami) & my little sister Delinda will be coming to visit for a week or so only since she is very busy..but that is good enough for me. ( I live alone with only my other sister & her fiance)

Um…So yes, all I want for Christmas is…. my family 🙂

So this Christmas, I am looking forward to my Mami’s  + Delinda’s arrival, to spend time with them, watch Korean/Taiwanese series with them at home, to eat the food my Mami cooks (I haven’t had them for over a year!) & spend the FIRST Christmas & New Years ever with them both.

& Delinda, I hope you understand & realize what I’m talking about.





it has begun…christmas carol songs in supermarkets, Christmas ads on the Tivo & re-runs of Christmas movies, the deco in shopping centres, plus heaps of SALES going on for the incentive that people buy MORE for presents hahaha

*The Christmas Puppet Deco of the story of the Nutcracker, WTH is with the last photo hahahaha I zoomed in because I thought it was quite an offensive yet funny interpretation of Chinese people haha. The slanted eyes, the buckteeth, long moustache & long braided hair. It is like they are trying to distinguish a Chinese person as easily as they can so they made them look super stereotypical LOL.”

Anyways, since I work in NAB Collections Team now, Christmas & Easter will be our busiest because most customers spend without thought & take ages to repay the loan back!

SO….spend wisely guys!! A good tip is to buy online. You can get soo much for so little, plus most are brands or things you can’t get here in Aussie. Since the Aussie $$ is so good now, make the most of it overseas!!! Check out all the websites I have blogged previously about!

Even Ebay for e.g. the Fuji Instax Mini camera I have blogged about as well!

Last, you guys should walk down Smith St, or Brunswick St for presents from factory outlets! Nothing’s wrong with it although ‘factory outlet’ do exude negative connotation to some people. But I walked up & down there today & there’s lots of amazing stuff for cheap! Basketball jerseys or shoes for the boys, gym wear etc for mom or your gym freak friends, vintage treasures for you bohemian or hippie friends *cough* Roshali!

One of the coolest shops I went into was an Op-Shop called “Vintage Garage”


As you can see above, the cash counter was made with some front bit of a car. (sorry I don’t know what make since cars is not my expertise haha), second of all, it had this cool hippie sixties/ trailer trash (in a good way?) kinda feel ‘chill out’ area, which is the photo with G in it. He was playing around with this old tivo authentically made from the 60s, but the inside of the screen has been replaced with a new TV! It’s a one off so it was on sale for AUD1500!!

And this picture above, was all these awesome branded treasures which included the vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, CHANEL vintage chains & bags, others that’s not in the picture are some Gucci bags, clutches & wallets!

I bought myself a cute…

Kitty Ring hahaha for AUD29. It is my new favourite piece 🙂

Btw, if you guys are manga fans, the manga scan above is from my all time fave Japanese Shojo Manga love series called “Parfait Tic” by Nagamu Nanaji.  I will elaborate about this in the next posts. 🙂




So…how will YOU spend your Christmas? I hope it is with your loved ones- in particular your family!!! OK!!!!!! hehehehe

I know it’s early, but I’ll just say it…





5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas, There Is Just One Thing I Need…

  1. Hi Elle..
    I know it’s been ages since you make this post. Because I was wondering with The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Essence that you used, since I’m planning to get one here ( I’m from Indonesia btw 😀 ) I’ve been looking a review about it and ended up at your blog post. Love your blog btw! 🙂

    I’m also new in ‘beauty blog’ world in case you wanna visit –> http://bubblegum-happiness.blogspot.com
    that would make my day! yay!

    thx love, hoping you to reply.
    have a great day! 🙂

    • Hi Felicia! What a coincidence that you found my blog through the Face Shop product hehe but thank you so much for taking the time to read! I’ve checked out your blog & wow you have done some pretty tedious & awesome work! 🙂 Keep it up! I will definitely keep checking out your blog too 🙂 I hope my review about the Face Shop product is sufficient enough for you? personally, I didn’t like quite like it aside from the lovely fragrance! xo

      • haha thank you so much to come to my blog, elle 😀
        Yea, i ended up getting another product since not so many good review about it. Yes, and i would definitely come and checking your blog too, yours is way awesome-r (is that a word?) than me! haha.. hope we can still keep in touch. I love making new friends 🙂

        take care you there, dear. and have a nice day! :)))) ❤

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