To the One Precious Gem, In an Ocean of Coal

Dearest Leanne,

We have been friends for as long as my relationship with G.

You have seen my ups & downs… & pretty much know everything about me- what I like, how I behave, my silliness etc 🙂 & to my surprise, your faith in me has never faltered one bit.

You are one of my most treasured friends & someone who has deeply made an impact in my life one way or the other.

As I strongly believe in fate, I strongly believe there is a reason why we crossed paths & for that I am grateful to have met you & have you as a friend!

You are one of those rare gems in an ocean of coal. You are genuine, straightforward & sincere. You can’t be bought with the prettiest things, but you appreciate gifts from the heart-may it be just a birthday card, or just even a birthday text message!

As the years passed, I have watched you grow & change into a beautiful woman & learnt so much from you, so thank you. You have irrevocably taught me how to be patient, to forgive & never to give up.

I want your birthday gift to be something you can always watch whenever you are down. I want you & your gift to be forever etched into my blog because you have played such a big role in my life & my blog is all about that.

I want your gift to show you how many of us here appreciate you for you being the way you are (unlike some bitches), even when you are such a Dragon Lady 😛


I want to wish you a very VERY Happy Birthday Leanne…& I really hope you like this little amateur clip I made the FIRST time using the Macbook Pro. So forgive me if it’s not up to par- I am still learning 🙂


P.S ( I don’t know why the video is small! I think because it is recorded by my phone?? 😛 If anyone knows, please comment or message me!! )


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