Hey Everyone!!

I am sooo happy to hear that some of you can’t wait to read my next post ( yeah, it super inflated my ego) & I am super happy that many of you have told me to keep updating & keep doing what I’m doing hahaha (or maybe you guys are just poking fun at me right? hehehe)

But anyways, to know that you are anticipating more from this puny blog gives me some sort of…..satisfaction 🙂

So for my lack of effort this whole week, I apologize 🙂

Honestly the delay was because of laptop changes & all the shit that came with it! From the beginning, I had been using my one & only old as-virus ridden-slow laptop which I got since I was in High School. And because I ALWAYS tell myself that I will be getting a new one, I never really bothered to get rid/fix up the many many virus that has PLAGUED my laptop :S —-> EPIC FAIL.

Plus this old laptop overheats, constantly hangs on me halfway through a post, in which I seriously CBF re-writing the post again! Also, this laptop for some bloody reason is unable to upload the pictures from my camera’s memory card!! >< SO at one point I seriously cbf blogging & updating photos cuz it takes bloody ages!

Then one day, G finished exams, handed me his laptop the Alienware to use, & all was well. Me & the Blogging World plus all the updating I wanted to do lived happily ever after! I updated the photos I have always wanted to update, & also if you guys haven’t realized I made videos & uploaded a new post like almost everyday at one point right?

THEN, G decided to sell the Alienware in exchange for a Macbook Pro. I thought the Alienware is good enough lah~ but he said he was only getting the Macbook for ME to use for blogging hahaha but as it turns out (as I expected) I never got a chance to use it at all hahaha.

SO, here I am again with my old as laptop, trying to write this ASAP before it crashes. 😀

Anyways here are some goodies I bought lately! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! & coupla pics of Roshali’s Yummy Vintage Junk!

1) Studio Ghibli collection: G bought this for me. If you didn’t know, I am a BIG fan of their work. Although it is Anime, it is alot more than that- for those of you who love them as much as me, will understand. The characters display so much emotion, from their faces, their body language etc…it is almost like they are real actors!! Like as if, someone had gone out for a year to study human behaviour, watch how kids & adults act & their habits, their language etc (realistically) & just put it into drawing. But because it is anime, it still has that fantasy dream like nature to it. But yes, you all have to try to watch! Start off with popular hits Spirited Away & Howls Moving Castle & once you understand Studio Ghibli’s style, then you can try to watch his older work. My fave have to be ALL of them 🙂 its true!

2) Saw it in Sportsgirl & I thought it was soo cute! Front Row Blogger! Plus I love the pastels inside!

3) Yoghurt face masks in little detachable tubs from FaceShop! There is no denying I love their stuff & you can easily see why! Their packaging is always cute & attractive 😀

4) I wanted something like this for my phone, preferably black rhinestones. Saw this pink fluff/ Paris Hilton wannabe & I couldnt help myself hahaha finally received it in the mail! Its cute WHOAh when you first see it, but after a while it grows on you. Very pretty for a night out hahah But anyways, the ones they sell here are super RIP OFF!! It costed about 30-40 AUD, but on ebay, I bought this for 7AUD!!!= = ”

5) Roshalis dresser. Best vintage accessories collection ever hahaha! Reminded me of the ad campaign from ASOS “models’ own” 🙂 i hope you dont mind babe! But I HAD to share!!!

Anyways, keep checking in, cuz the next blog is a real gem, hahah it’a for my babygirl Leanne ❤  for her BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Sorry hun, blame G & for this lag & late blogpost about your birthday, I have way too many videos to upload & it takes FOREVER!!

Love  Love & Lotsa Love…

Elle. Bambi ❤

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