Portsea Affair

On the Friday that just passed, G took me to Portsea to have lunch @ our favorite restaurant/pub/beer-garden- The Portsea Hotel

Portsea is about 1-2 hr drive away from Melbourne & it is one of the most UNDERRATED places ever!!

And yep, on a sunny day like that, of course we HAD to sit outdoors in the beer-garden to gobble down our Calamari & Steak whilst soaking in the sun & enjoying the sea view 🙂

We also took some ‘experimental’ snaps with G’s DLSR camera as well since- well…what better way to make the most out of that camera on a beautiful day like Friday 😀

There’s something about holding one of these babies that makes you feel somewhat….. professional 🙂

I know we are amateurs & the pics might not be great in the eyes of the pros-but hey, we gotta be amateurs first to be a pro right?

Anyways here are some pics of the day…some of the pics I took with my iPhone 4! Try to guess which ones they are haha Good Luck!! 🙂


I am very happy with this last photo…not because it’s me (oh god!) in it, but somehow G managed to capture it so……right.

The whole day it was quite windy, so my hair was flying everywhere, covering my face (didn’t bring a hair tie-doh!), but this shot managed to capture a split second moment when my hair blew away from my face & when I was laughing at a message sent by my friend on the phone.

I am also liking the fact that my top had a ‘nautical’ theme against the ocean, the unintentional placement of G’s Lacoste loafers there etc…sigh~ perfecto! 🙂

BTW the pictures with the rounded edges & that old school look were some of the ones taken by my iPhone. I then just played around with some effects to give it that ‘vintagey’ feel.

The picture of the pier really reminded me of a postcard I got as a souvenir when I was very young…the picture had a yacht in it too & it looked just like this one now! 🙂

I had so much fun that day & it’s somehow comforting to know it’s all captured, ready to be relived again.

I hope I get to experience many more of these in the years to come & that you guys do too 🙂

Goodnight World!

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