KMS California Hair Products

Hey Everyone,

Following the V-log about hair, these are the products I’m using currently by KMS California.

Price is affordable (ranges from bout AUD20+) & can be found in most Salons or hair-shops

KMS California Moisture Repair , Leave in Conditioner

Detangles instantly with ultra-lite moisture

“Infused with aloe & vanilla & formulated with advanced IOPS technology, this ultra -lite spray provides instant detangling & a supple surface feel while conditioning dry or damaged hair.”

I spray this into my damp hair after I give it a wash. I felt slight improvement in my hair- it became softer & less brittle. Especially when the hair dries, it is much easier to brush & feels real nice when you hold it!!

KMS California Flat-Out, Hot Pressed Spray

Straightens extremely curly hair, provides thermal protection

“This working spray, with fig & jojoba, was created for use with blow dryers & flat-irons to straighten curly or waved hair. Formulated to protect hair from the heat of styling tools”

I recently bought this since my hair is damaged from dying, curling & blow-drying. It says on the bottle that it’s for curly & wavy hair, but I don’t really think it matters if your hair is straight because the whole point of it is to thermal protect. I do find it easier to curl my hair now with a straightener though-( its easier to pull the hair through the straightener to curl) & it does say at the back of the bottle :” Hold strength 3, Shine 3″. Not sure what it really means but it is working for me since before this I never put anything onto my hair before I curl it! Hopefully hair gets better!!


If you guys have any suggestions of great hair products please let me know!! 🙂


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