Hair Curling & Good Music :)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you guys found the first V-Log somewhat entertaining haha~

Sorry if I was waving my hands around too much or playing too much with my hair! I was kinda nervous & it was unscripted so I started yabbering about lotsa stuff!

Oh, some people asked me where my accent came from- It’s a mix of American & Australian haha so yeah it sounds weird now that I listened to it!

I studied in an American-based International School in Jakarta so I always have a bit of the US twang-esp when I read out loud! But I’ve been here in OZ for 8 years now, so it has become very “OZ-fied”


Here is my next V-Log! Decided to make a mini hair tutorial on curling hair with hair straightener just for my friends! Esp Mishy 🙂

I am also listening to Study Beats compiled from my awesome DJ friend A-Lin, so feel free to download & spread the word!! 🙂

Download here:

(You need to download WinRAR for this which you can get here for FREE)


Enjoy the video guys!!

P.S: I don’t mean to sound shallow when I said “depends on what brand of hair straightener you use”, I’ve just gone through sooo many hair straighteners before & found that different brands have different effects, like some are not as “strong(hot)” as the others etc.

Tada!~~ I like it quite messy!! Especially the next day when the curls go gown a bit! Hehehe

Goodnight World!


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