Psych Me

So I went to a psychic/medium/ channeling counselor for the first time yesterday.

It’s one of those things deep down you’ve always wanted to do because you know, you’re curious, & you kinda want to know what THEY know about you etc etc. ( And also if you’re going to be rich & famous like BryanBoy)

Anyways, I FINALLY had the guts to go (or more of an EXCUSE to go) because a good friend of mine had went previously & this particular lady gave a very accurate reading for her, so she decided it would be a good birthday gift- which to me it is, because 1) it’s unique, 2) I’ve always secretly wanted to do it, 3) hey- it’s a birthday present!

So I went, bit skeptical as you would be, but at the same time, I went telling myself  ‘Go with an Open Mind’, & just listen to what she has to say, maybe you might find some truth in her words- but reminding myself never to get too carried away.

Personally though, I think that, no matter how accurate they may be, or how good their reputation is, at the end of the day, YOU make things happen for yourself, you shouldn’t let someone hinder you from doing something just because they predicted so. They might predict coupla things about you now that’s accurate but don’t mean they are always right about the future. Ok well, I guess in certain cases, we can take heed for example “I can see you having ill-health when you are about 65 & you might fall down the stairs” or “In the future, you will have a business partner but they are going to ruin your business” or “Don’t gamble or take too much risks this year because you will get carried away” or some sort like that you know? But then again, even these ‘advice’ can be arguable right? When you are in your 60s, you are going to be prone to more illnesses, & hey anyone can slip down the stairs at ANY age right?


Anyways, I went… & the first thing she said to me was “He said You are going to live a long life”. Ok, nothing that I haven’t heard before because I am superstitiously Chinese & coming from a long lineage of Buddhist followers, it’s something I’ve heard or read about before- since I am born in the year of the rabbit & rabbits born in Oct tend to live a long healthy life (plus I have a long ass life-line on my palm) So nothing I haven’t heard there. Then she told me to take care of my health around 60s-65 because I will have tummy illness which will go away. Hmm. Ok

p.s (She is the medium who talks to people & repeats to them what God says to her, that’s why she always says ‘He says’)

I was then asked to give her a basic introduction & what I want to know in specific. So I decided to ask her more…spiritual questions I guess, like more about wisdom or whatever you call it. I didn’t want to ask very specific questions like “Oh am I going to be rich & successful? Am I going to be happy??” because, like I said before, these are things you  make for yourself. Only you can make yourself happy, only you can make yourself rich & successful. So I asked her things like “If I were to have any children (You will), will they be healthy & strong (They will be very healthy boys but they are going to be a handful, no girls though, but one might have a lazy eye )” Ok. That lazy eye bit scared me lol.




I won’t say ALL that she’s said since it is private, but as it went along she talked more about herself & her experiences rather than focusing on me. And I find that most of the things she was guessing about me in the present, were wrong (or maybe I’m just being too defensive or maybe I didn’t get what she was trying to point out), while the things she predicted about my future were questionable since-well it’s the future! Who knows what could or could not happen right?

Then she started talking about the difference between Asians & Westerners, about culture etc. I felt she was trying to promote me the idea of  living a Westernized life- which by the way I am (note the skimpy clothing, the partying late, the awesome OZ English I have greatly acquired, eating Vegemite, being open to the subject of sex & drugs, Stereosonics, (please_insert_more), but living a westernized life & having a Chinese culture in your blood are 2 different things. For example, she pointed out that I don’t have to live the life of my parents & what they want- I don’t live their life, but they want me to be successful which I’m guessing EVERY parent wants for their child & I want as well.(hello? that’s why I was sent away to be educated) Is that considered living their life?

Then she mentioned her previous Asian client who had to take care of her parents, & that she/I don’t have to because they can take care of themselves & because this is Australia. Ok, now it seems she’s becoming too ignorant about my culture. I don’t even need to explain this, but I will kill myself first before sending my parents or my husband-to-be parents away to a nursing home. (LET ME BURN IN HELLLLLL ahhhhh!!!) I want my kids to come home with them around when I am at work, cooking, spoiling them, accompanying them to places, to teach them things I am still learning about etc. Plus it is not just a ‘filial duty’ of a daughter/son, but it is something I WANT & EXPECT of MYSELF- not them expecting me to.

Rewind that a bit, how is this related to my psychic predictions in the first place?

I also find that every-time I disagree, or find an explanation (because it’s hard to compress something into just black & white), she would tell me to be honest. But I am trying to be honest- by saying that it’s not me, or that it’s not true! E.g. she mentioned, I love horses but I didn’t make a bet (true, because I wouldn’t know how to bet in the first place & I didn’t go to the races, ) that I don’t like dogs so much (huh? I do, but she says I’m not being honest, & I like horses more & I am attracted to their beauty) But I LOVE pretty much all animals, what about my attraction to a tigers’ beauty & power, or a swans’ gracefulness?




Then she told me ” You are very pretty (thank you)” “Do you know who made you that way?” I answered the rhetorical question with “God?” And it became like that, she would mention Him alot, & ask me more rhetorical questions like “Who is man’s best friend?” Um…”God?” So I started to doubt -again, if she had an agenda in this? Is she trying to convert me? She asked for me to turn to page 54 of the Bible, “A black Bible that you have at home” I thought, I don’t have a Bible, I am Buddhist….but aren’t all Bibles black anyways? Unless I am missing something…hmmm




So…there it was, my psychic reading. Honestly, I don’t know what to think of it, but leaving that place have irrevocably left thoughts at the back of my mind whether I liked/believed it or not. I can see how what she says can totally change people’s lives- not necessarily always for the better, but hey it depends on what YOU do about it right? It reminds me of the movie Inception, where they plant ideas in your head which can completely change everything- even your core character. Saying something, whether or not it’s true, people tend to link it to their past experiences & make it seem like it is true. Let me find a basic example….like if someone told me…’one of your friends secretly dislikes you’, then you will try to link that to every single thing that you think they are doing, saying or acting, to prove to yourself that that ‘friend’ REALLY dislikes you. In other words, stirring the pot- acting on your natural human behaviour of being paranoid & insecure.


Have you seen a psychic or had a tarot reading?





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