Hello November!

Hey Everyone,

How are you guys?

I hope you are all well 🙂

October came & went which was great, but quite solemn at the same time! It certainly felt like it was only yesterday when I just came back from my trip to Malaysia & Thailand with friends. Soon it will be December & a New Year AND we get another year older. 😦

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, every year that I get older, the amount of true & close friends I have seem to decrease! It says otherwise on my Facebook, but to be honest, I wouldn’t go for coffee with like 99% of them. I am not trying to diss anyone, I am just saying, they are more ‘hi-bye’ friends, friends whom you know nothing about apart from whether they are single, & that they love alcohol.

We always say – AND hope to be ‘friends forever’ but of course we all know the truth in that.

I am envious of those who seem to always have the same group of gfs/ bfs that have the same interest as you, you know, those you can go shopping together & like the same store as you, same brands as you etc. Those who will go out & agree to do crazy things with you, be stupidly flirtatious with other guys along with you, ahh you get my drift!!

But on the brighter side, every passing year, I know who my true friends are (although I may not always see them or even talk to them, or party with them & remotely have the same interest anymore apart from just reminiscing about the past etc. )

I realize, true friends are the ones who are always there- sometimes surprisingly & to the least of your knowledge & expectation, even when you don’t love them enough. I’m not talking about those you ask out for clubbing or coffee & yes they are there, but A true friend whom some you have left behind( forgive me), or sometimes you have forgotten about, who let’s say, out of the blue, sends you a letter or card from across the sea just to say ‘hello, do you remember me?’ or a ‘Happy Birthday!’ A friend who you call out of the blue, after ages of not talking or seeing each other, & still understand your pain & what you are going through. A true friend who admits, that they miss you. Does that make sense to some of you?

AND I am grateful & appreciate my new-found friends as well. They don’t always have to be the ones you have known ‘forever’, but you guys just click. 🙂 You guys know who you are 🙂


Anyways, Sept- Oct was crazy for me. It is also the time I am unemployed for the first time! 🙂

Surprisingly I am happy! 🙂 Spending more time at home, chilling with G & friends, enjoying the weather – & yes even the bad ones. Having to party & cherishing every moment without the fear of going to work the next day, meeting new people, making new friends- just enjoying life in Melbourne.

I even tried a women’s self defense course in Wing Chun thanks to Chris & Anne Pang, which I would’ve never have done!


Thankfully I found myself a new job at NAB in King St. So I’m VERY very thankful & grateful. And I am anticipating this job with all my heart because to me, it is a huge stepping stone for the progress of my career since I have finished Uni now. And I am SO GLAD to have broken away from the retail cycle. I just have to work extremely hard now & hope to progress 🙂

Looking back, although it was bitter at some point because I gave it my all my heart, I have to say I don’t regret a single bit because I wouldn’t have met some wonderful people, made wonderful friends, & have finally broken away from it all 🙂

( & also realize how much cunty some people are. LOL, excuse my french)

I then celebrated my birthday 4 times, the big one on the 22nd Oct @ P1, 28th Oct @ home with family & friends (thank you Tammi for organizing the surprise!! hehe), 29th @ Allumbra, & 30th @ STUDIO.

So thank you thank you thank you for those of you who came & made it happen!! Makes me happy to be a year older hahaha!~



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