A thanks from the Queen….


 I celebrated my 23rd birthday at Platform 1, to also support my dear friends from the AdHoc team’s monthly night events -TEMP




It was certainly NOT a night to remember for me, because I woke up with my back aching, sleeping on the living room floor with G, & everyone was gone! We didn’t even make it into the bedroom…

The next day, I had to be reminded what happened during the night & to my dismay, there were picture evidence as well…such as me persistently flashing my Australia to everyone- I was super relieved I had shorts on.

I was told I was “shuffling”, & “teasing” some poor guy as well….Anyways…

I wish to dedicate this post to my dear friends who made the effort to come & for those who made the effort to dress up in costume! 🙂

I really hope you all had drinks & cake from my table & so sorry if I was super stressed at the start (I’m like that)

 Life is so short & time is all that we have so… what better way to spend it with your dear friends & loved ones with a BANG- I mean even my Sister (Milk Maid)  & soon to be Bro-in-Law (Grim Reaper) came out dressed up!! (& trust me it is HARD work to convince them to come :P)

But thank you THANK YOU all sooo much for coming & hopefully to having a great great night !!

First off, a thank you to CN & Jason for making sure the night was filled with fun & craziness, thanks for letting me have a night to remember & for organizing the house room for me!!

Those of you who wants to have as much amnesia as me & looking for some epic fun for your birthday, please don’t hesitate to contact CN or Jason to organize something for you at the next TEMP event.

Thank you to JJ (Sexy Nurse), Michelle(Bitch/Witch), Coco(Rugby Player) & Dre (Mad Scientist) & Sam (Soccer Player), I’ve known you guys since I was a freshman in Melbourne @ Mount Waverley High School!

Thank you to Alvin Yik for coming although you have exams (Mad Doctor),Ben Liu (some dead dude), the lovely Mishy ( dead sexy cop), Cherise (Sexy Devil), Hendricks (Geisha), Cathie (Snow White), Ben Chen ( Vampire’s Corpse?), Tammi (French Maid), Ben Tran (Ghost), Leka (Red Riding Hood), Janice Lung (Dark Angel), Leisha (Greek Goddess), Joyce (Sexy Cop), Jenga (Zombie) for being an awesome character the whole night lol, Margaret (Pocahontas) & two of your lovely friends, Nicky T, Mikeez ( are you supposed to be the Jabbawockeez?), to Chris Pang for making it almost unrecognised (the Crow), Ivy (cop)Tony Han (Crazy 88), Susan (suse are you gothic princess?), Anna (Sexy Cat), Amanda (Geisha), thank you to A-lin for coming!! Thanks to my dear friend Derek for coming IN GEAR as Sweeney Todd!! Man it was soo hard to convince you hahaha but thank you for helping me & not so much thank you for making me drink & not letting me pay for coffee!! Thanks to cute Millie (Hello Kitty??) & crazy Jack the Wing Chun master (Ken- Street Fighter). Thank you Linda ( Ladybug if I’m not wrong?) & Vicky! I LOVE the ring so much, I’m wearing it everyday!! Thank you! Thanks to hot mama Sylvia & yes I will go 🙂 & Hungie for coming!  To the drunk & crunked sailors who were flashing their panties, Haze, Shiz, Evelyn & Milton, to the lovely sexy pirate Jayke, the rare appearance by the Avatars Mi & my love for life Leanne who was also the one responsible for making those heavenly Queen of Hearts cupcakes!!!! Please please order your next party cakes from Leanne!! Thank you honey for taking the time & effort to bake those AMAZING babycakes while still managing to look like a million dollars!! I super duper appreciate it!!!

Thank you to my lovely ex-Prada & Burberry colleagues for coming although you guys were drained from work :P, so thank you to Fiona (lady Gaga), Sara ( French Maid), Allen (Nerd), Victoria & Fiona H. Thank you to my lovelies Roshali & Lida (corrupt Cops) & Charles (Convict), Adam (ghost) & Victor (as himself). I really appreciate your attendance & I really hope I didn’t scar you guys from too much flashing!!

A special thank you with a bow & hat in hand, to Hilzy- the true party king of Melbourne, who unfortunately was so drunk, the cops went & got him right outside the club. Thank you to Taing, Afhan, Dre, Tess & friends for coming

Thank you to the Studio Team a.k.a Adz & the beautiful Jennifer (Top Gun) for coming!! & Thanks Adz (or sorry more like it) for saving me!!! I can’t bloody wait for this Saturday’s Halloween Party @ Studio for Part II!!

Thank you to THOSE KIDS for spinning awesome tunes- G, Dao & Leong…if you guys still don’t know who they are, they were the ones in the Sperm outfit, the guy from Hangover & Barack Obama. Thank you guys… you bring out the best & worst in me I guess hahaha~But it ain’t no party without you guys 🙂 I am looking forward to our next holiday & weekend getaway!

If I have left anyone out, I am very sorry I didn’t mean it, but thank you very much for coming!!!!

 There will be a Part II @ Studio this Saturday the 30th Oct & yes it is another Halloween theme! So be there to drink up with me again 😉





Some of the polaroids that night ❤

I really hope I can see you guys again this Saturday night!



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