Yes, remember that name peoples!!

I have fallen in love with her work. I don’t need to write much…just have a look!

Two of my most favourite paintings! So beautiful, so timeless & has this aura of innonence. You can check Audrey’s other works from her website/s to find out more about her work, appearances, & also some of the random things she is selling like brooches & sure to be quick to grab them!!

or blog


**She will be down in Australia for the first time, and will be in Melbourne this Friday, 22nd Oct 2010-10th Nov to showcase her solo “Tangled” exhibition!!!!!**

RSVP to the Melbourne opening at:

or visit OUTRE gallery with this link:

I just found out she was selling brooches…I literally hyperventilated…& then when I realised it was since JULY, I fainted for like…5 mins.

These were all made with extra extra TLC for over a year!! Those who managed to grab them are fucking lucky bastards! 😦

Check out my friend’s tattto of Audrey’s work! 😀

Check out her blog @ & give a shout out!!!


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