Covet List Part II

This stuff makes me LOVE being a woman!

I came across this awesome shopping website called

Maybe some of you are familiar, but its real great cuz all the pretty things are in different categories, but when you click them, a little pop up tells you which website they are from, hence you end up discovering other websites that sells awesome awesome stuff!

Also since the US dollar is weak, you don’t have to be a tightass for a bit 🙂

So here’s a little sneak peek of

Just click ‘Shop’ on the top!

Some of my favourite things I found from there are….

AUD565 from

The perfect little black dress!

Can you believe these YSL babies are on SALE for AUD635!!!??

Available from

I’m not so much into skulls as I am into hearts & stars, but this one is worth it!

Alexander McQueen Ring AUD395 from

Ok I forgot how much these were….but just check it out from Polyvore!!

Givenchy bracelet AUD730 from

 the YSL tribute shoes that comes in variety of colours! About AUD1200

You guys should also check out Australia’s top website for shopping..

And the things I really want from this website is…


And they cost AUD195!!

Link me for the things you love & give a shout out if you know of any other websites!! 🙂


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