MAKMUR Ent. & the Masterchef Champ 2010 <3

Hey Everyone!!

This whole week’s been hectic for me…

I’ve been helping a friend work as a promo girl at the Fine Food Australia show for Makmur Enterprises. They are the umbrella company of Homai, Golden Wok & Emperor which specialises in making frozen food such as Dim sims, spring-rolls, sesame prawns, dumplings etc! You can find these at Coles, Woolworths, IGAs, 7/11 etc!

Anyways….it was one of the funnest things I did!! Tiring, hardwork, but worth it. I mean who gets to sample duck, oysters, (any drink you can think of), cakes, sausages, pizza, burek, slushies, free coffee (with your own flavors etc)…oh god there’s too many kind of things I ate – EVERYDAY!!

NO $$$ spent at all 🙂

Plus, Lorraine, Thy Thy & I had the opportunity to watch Adam Liaw (who is the champ of hit TV show Masterchef 2010) cook, & hang out with him 🙂

Anyways…here are some photos…

Me attacking Adam for a photo as soon as he arrived in Melbourne in the morning haha~

Our Makmur stand with the eye-catching red. We ate soooo much dimsims, spring-rolls, shiu mai, dumplings, sesame prawns..IT WAS AWESOME!! Yumcha everyday!! Woot~

Fooling around with the Haribo bear..I swear, we took soooo many free candy from this place!! Everday there was always gummy bears, sour straps, strawberries & cream etc.

Taking a sneaky shot of Adam demonstrating how to make the perfect dumpling & a freshly made Garlic & Chilli oil sauce for the dumplings!

Yayyyy finally a funny face with me hahaha!

You can check out Adam’s blog at:

Finally, a Twitterpic from Adam’s twitter of all of us!

(I cheated & photoshopped it abit haha) & here is the original one:

Total dumpling pimp at Fine Food Australia on Twitpic.

It seriously felt like it was only yesterday that I was watching Masterchef, jumping up & down on my couch & biting the cushion vouching for Adam- especially the finale where he was trying to quickly make the Snow Egg desert & the biscuit kept snapping!! So I am so glad & thankful I did the tradeshow 🙂

Anyways…goodnight world! I wish you all to also have the chance to meet your idols one day! xx

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