I Covet Thee….


I fucking want these!!!

Burberry Prorsum A/W 2010 Aviator Fleece Jacket

With the matching boots!!!!!! Aiyyyahhhh

Alexander McQueen’s infamous knuckleduster…but in PARTICULAR..this one with the black diamantes!!! Aiyyyahhhhh

CHANEL camelia ring…I have found my one true “would be if I can” signature ring…Want it , NEED IT…AIYYYAHHHH!!!!

McQueen’s “Achilles Heels” a.k.a Winged Shoes…love the fucking wing embroidery

House of Harlow’s peacock cuff…Dies***

The headpiece, the necklace (shorter one)….Must haveeee


*All photos are from Google search Engine. These pieces are available authentically & currently in Shopthetrendboutique, Chanel, Burberry, Miss Louise 🙂



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