Disney Forever After

Hey Everyone!

So…I was watching a late night movie & came across this advert about a Disney gallery. And those of you who know me will know how much I LOVE Disney- especially Ariel.

I have this huge ass poster of the “Once upon a fairytale” Disney princesses- Jasmine, Belle, Audrey, Ariel, Cinderella & Snow White in my bedroom. I know I know, but I have loved them since I was little!

Anyways, checked out the Silver K website & found some of my favourites…too bad there were none I liked from Ariel 😦

I was considering purchasing one, like a classic limited edition one…wonder how much it will cost.


This picture put a tear to my eye 😦

Remember Jiminy Cricket?

This painting makes me sad 😦

Tale as old as time….

Last but not least, my favourite painting from Bambi

All these paintings are from the Silver K Gallery showcasing all Disney’s pictures- including originals ending Sunday August 29th.

1092 High Street, Armadale Vic 3143 Tel: (03) 9509 5577
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10.00am-5.30pm,
Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm & Sunday 11.30am-5.30 pm


Goodnight World~

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