Loving These Blogs!!

Hey Everyone!!

At the moment, I have been obsessed with these blogs recommended by Roshali. Love just looking at how other people dress- especially Aimee Song & wish I could pull shabby, hippie chic like her!!  (p.s the shabby part isn’t meant in an offensive way!!)

Also the photo above was taken in Surrey Hills in Sydney Summer 2009…I put it up only because most of Aimee’s photos reminded me of the awesome time I had in Sydney with my lovely new friends!

I’m not really good with writing or describing…so I have just stuck quotes from other blogs to describe how I feel..ok nuff said, I end up beating around the bush…just have a look!!

1) Anna Dello Russo– VOGUE Nippon Fashion Director

I don’t want to be cool, I want to be Fashion!

These are just printscreen from images I found on Google…but please to all you fashion lovers, you MUST, MUST check out Anna’s blog!

Because I used to work for Burberry, my favorite pic was her interpretation of the Burberry Trenchcoat…check it out!

All these pics are from Anna’s Blog! 😉 & there’s endless more!

BryanBoy describes Anna as …

 a woman whose colossal love for fashion knows no limits. She lives and breathes fashion.

And there is no other better way to describe her!


“WHY I LOVE BLOGGERS?Cause they make us IN CONTACTafter years of DEAFNESS in owngolden cells. So today we feel LESS LONELY!”  Anna


2) Aimee Song– Love that hair of hers!!!

How beautiful is she?? And her STYLE is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I like it because she doesn’t need to buy branded stuff to look a million dollars, she buys it from shops that even WE can afford like Zara, Topshop, Forever21, (which btw are all coming down under in 2011)!!! Very inspirational Aimee!! Love! 🙂 

 Aimee’s Blog


Hm…I might just start stalking her on Twitter now!! 🙂

Goodnight World!!




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