The Many Sides of Me

Under the hard exterior, there is a soft Twinkie

Under the arrogance, there is a loyal friend

Under the harsh words, there is truth & wisdom

Under the Potty mouth, there is praise & flatter,

Under the party-ing ways, there is responsibility

Under the shallowness for all pretty things, I am grounded

Under anger, there is empathy, compassion & understanding

Under jealousy, there is envy

In every betrayal, there is forgiveness & second chances

A social butterfly, but also shy

An open mind but there is also tradition

Competitive, but full of  integrity

Impulsive, but also wise

I am a geek. I love watching Anime & reading Manga. I cried like crazy in every single Toy Story movie. I love animals & junk food. I don’t like exercise & diets ( & people who are on diets!- including myself). I love watching movies- in desperate times, I even go alone just to watch a movie. I have a colorful personality. I am expressive & impulsive.

It is actually not that hard being friends with me. I am transparent. What you see is what you get. If you want to be friends with me, be friends with me all the way, not when it suits you.



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