My Love Affair with Misty’s Diner

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Misty’s Diner.

Went there for 2 of my colleagues birthdays (because they were born on the 4th of July) & I couldn’t get enough!

For those of you who are wondering WHAT is Misty’s Diner…

Misty was born in Arizona, USA and from a very young age she loved to be in the kitchen cooking. Her family and friends all knew one day Misty would be cooking up a storm in her own restaurant.

Listen as people all around are making sounds of pure enjoyment as they bite into a real authentic American hamburger, or sit down to an order of chili fries (extra hot if you dare!)
If you still have room, try some homemade Oreo muffins and a thick shake to wash it all down…Or if you’re vegetarian, just let Misty know and she will whip you up something special.

Stop by for a finger-licking eating experience, we promise you won’t leave hungry!

So basically, the closest thing you get can for American food!

Exactly like the American Diners you see in movies, Misty’s is located in the suburbs (kinda), where everywhere else is dark & quiet… & there shining brightly in neon pink, is a diner!

From Pop Tarts to Reese’s Pieces & Babyruth..

The handsome waitor…

The very many expressions when eating here…

It makes people fall in love hahaha Ben & Jamie a.k.a the Disney couple 😛

It makes people territorial about their food too..

The Twinkie & Moonpie..DEEP FRIED!! Fucking awesome 🙂

Deep fried OREOS!!!!! say whattt??!!! 🙂

Not convinced?? Taylor Swift was in Misty’s!

And as sweet as the deserts, Misty is an absolute GEM! She’s super duper nice in person!!

…& who loves her pink. Here with a pink Prada clutch!

I highly recommend the Blooming Onion, Reese’s Pieces thickshake, wet fries, burgers & the dogs & definetely the Ribs! I don’t remember all, but my fave dessert was the Deep Fried Twinkie! Call Misty a day before with your choice of sweets to be deep fried & she can make it for you!

Misty’s is located in:

103-105 High Street
Prahran, Australia 3181

One thought on “My Love Affair with Misty’s Diner

  1. What diner gets this kind of love and support? Fans of the diner are amazing about the things they write about us and the trouble they go through to show the videos and the blogs they write…. I feel truly blessed and loved by most who enter my diner doors!
    Love and Kisses

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