Savers???!!! YES Savers!!

Hello Hello!

Ok before I tell you about my cherrypopping Savers experience, I wanna share with you what happened to me today @ the chemist Amcal in the Glen Shopping centre (next to the $2 shop) in case you are interested at my sudden outburst about it in Facebook.

Long story short, I needed to rollover some superannuation funds from 1 industry to the other. To do that, I need the photocopy of my passport ‘certified’- well stamped by either the cops, dentist, lawyer etc…and in my case, the easiest & most available place to go to for me was the Chemist.

I go in there, nicely & politely asked the receptionist/ (or whatever lady it was) @ the medicine counter whether the pharmacist could kindly stamp the photocopy of my passport for me- (pretty please with a cherry on top?)

Lady:” She’s not in at the moment. You can come back at 2pm”

To which I pointed: “Oh soo…is that lady (the one behind her wearing a pharmacist’s outfit) not the pharmacist?”

Lady: (embarrasingly) “oh well she is…but she is unavailable at the moment”

OK point number 1, how the hell is she not available? She wasn’t serving anyone, there’s noone else in the line but me, & hell all she was doing was looking at some medicine packaging!

Me: (still nicely) ” Well I’m in a slight rush, can you ask her whether she can just quickly stamp this for me, it takes barely a second…”

Lady went up to the pharmacist – (who can clearly hear me because she was standing right behind the receptionist lady) & repeated my request.

Lady: ” I’m sorry, she can do it for you at 2pm because she is busy now”

Me: (growing impatient) “It barely takes a second, I can understand if I need her for 10-15mins but I just need a sta- (cut off by lady)”

Lady:” Well she gets paid to do that, & she doesn’t get paid to attend to you”


I wish I can say that to the customers at my work. “Sorry we don’t get paid after the second hand on the clock go past 5pm, so get out, we are “unavailable”.

I went to Terry White pharmacy next to Supre, the pharmacist stamped & signed it within a coupla of seconds. See? How bloody simple is that?

Customer service= TERRIBLE. Thank you Amcal, I will never go there again. I curse for your store to flood & go bankrupt. I pray that someone sues that bloody pharmacist for the wrong prescription she gave. I hope the same service is served to some mystery shopper working for Today Tonight. Grrrr

Anyways…Roshali took me to Savers to shop today.

Savers is a massive op-shop in Brunswick that donates all proceeds to charity.

Ok smells a bit funky, but nothing that a bit of washing can’t do!

I found a nice oversized knit (no brand) for $8!! 😀

Roshali the hippie vintage grunge Queen has a really good eye, so she spotted lots of nice stuff- one of them being a knit jumper top VERY SIMILAR to a current Prada one, but only for like $5??!

Ok I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about the Grandma panties Roshali bought…but it’s wayyyy tooo funny!! HAHAHAH*

 Contemplating on buying this for my wedding BAHAHA

Back in the day of Pride & Prejudice…Wedding dress anyone?

We ended the cold rainy day eating in Ajisen Ramen yummmm 🙂

*P.S: Roshali didn’t buy those panties hahaha



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