and then Chocolate Happened..

Feeling tad depressed of pissed off? In my case, my lovely employers forgot to pay me…so I couldn’t buy the things I was hoping to get by today (which included my sister’s bridesmaid dresses)  😦


Damn Right it is


Anyways, Westfield (a.k.a Doncaster) Shopping Centre is really quite beautiful. This was where I had those Max Brenner’s chocos. It’s available in the Glen Shopping Centre, & QV. Too bad, Chadstone is taking the limelight. The parking at Westfield is awesome too. They have these sensor lights at each parking bay to indicate if its occupied. Red for yes, and green means empty. You know when you are looking for parking, & you think there’s a spot (because it’s hollow) and realize there’s a bloody small Yaris, or Jazz or (insert_other_small_car) parked in it? Well the parking sensors tells you if its empty or not from afar, so you don’t have to waste your time “mazing” around the carpark. The downfall of this parking is that, you need to pay after 2 or 3 hours? Whereas in Chadstone, you can park all day.

The fancy sitting area.

And look what I found in Groove Train…

Coffee table with an arcade in it! Cute~ least this blog filled up a lil bit of my boredom. Plus the weather at the moment is cold, windy & WET! Yes, wet & freezing since it’s been raining since yesterday. What a bummer~



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