Right…So what is the deal with people adding me on Facebook & then pretending not to know me when they see me?

I am not talking about those who I don’t ‘directly’ know. (Thank you for adding me) I am talking about  the people who’s been introduced to me before, chatted with me before, have gone home, ‘request friend-ded’ me, & a couple of weeks after, sees me somewhere, looks at me directly in the eyes (after I politely smiled at them), & then look away.

Funnily enough, I always have my Facebook deleting moments & deleted these people, & they REQUEST me again! Why would they, if they don’t even remember me?

Ok I know I’m ranting, bitching (wait I think there is a difference b/w bitching & VENTING), complaining about something really petty & being a drama queen. But it sucks because, then they are the ones acting up a storm because I “deleted” them off Facebook! Dude/Dudettes, You come into a store that you know I work in (or when out & about, or clubbing), then ignore me or pretend not to see me, & then when I acknowledge you, you say “ohh I didn’t know it was you! bla bla bla”. Unless I dyed my hair completely, or have major plastic surgery, or have a huge scar/ bandage on my face, there is no reason for you to pretend you “don’t know” it’s me.

 The plain rude ones, are those who come in, ignore me (when YES they have requested to be ‘friends’ with me like at least twice) & walk out without saying as much as goodbye or even a SMILE.

I am not asking for those people to come up to me & hail me like I am a celebrity. I am merely asking politeness back, to which I believe I deserve because I am polite to you when I see you! Bah~

And no, I am not talking about the people who don’t like me. I understand when they hate me or whatever, come into the store, & not want to see me or talk to me etc. I am talking about those who ‘claim’ to be friends with me.

This is very similar to those people who are always “We need to go for coffee!” But NEVER do. I admit, I’m not great with schedules sometimes. Ask my close friends. I have cancelled so many coffees before myself, but I always ALWAYS try to make it up. I apologize, I beg, I kiss ass. (LOL) but really. If you know it’s not going to happen, please don’t initiate. OH especially when they bring up “We need to catch up! We will go coffee sometimes! I miss the old us” BECAUSE if you miss the old us, DO SOMETHING about it.

BAHAHA feels so good to rant to the world. It’s like when you are young, & you talk to your imaginery doll friends (maybe it’s just me…OK.. awkward moment)

 I also have this pet hate- wait make it RAGING hate, when people do not return the favor. I don’t know about you…but I always try to return the favour. Someway or the other. I fucking hate it when you are nice to someone, go out of your way to do something nice for them etc etc, they end up shitting on you. These are the people I call leeches or scum of the world. Who fucking uses other people, expecting it to come to them on a silver platter. These are the people, who always expects free drinks/ rides from others, OR gets free drinks without asking for it, but NEVER does anything in return- and they have the audacity to gloat about it. No no no, I am not saying, if I buy my best friend a drink, I expect her to buy me one back. But see that’s different, she is my best friend- or close friend. And ok, I get things handed to me on a silver platter. I admit it. But for example, if I my friend drives me somewhere, I will return the favour by paying for parking (even without them asking), or offer to pay for fuel (for long trips) or buy them a drink. Pay for dinner/ coffee next time we are out, give out awesome info like who is having what sale (LOL), or free entry to clubs. If I don’t ever get the chance to do these things for them, I say nice & awesome things about them. “Oh yeah, he/ she’s a nice guy. Really polite bla bla blah.” I’d like to see myself as a loyal friend, someone who holds up their end of the stick. 

I don’t expect tangible things as a return of favor, but the least you can do, is be nice. Be a friend. Be polite & say nice things about me when people bitch about me. Don’t go around, bitching about me after all the shit I’ve done for you, because I always end up knowing. And this just makes me want to shove my fist up your ass & cut off your tongue. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR You know who you are. 🙂

It really doesn’t matter to me, if I don’t know you, or we are just brief “friends” or our friendship has ended (to which is why naturally you would bitch about me- I understand), but it matters if I put my heart on a sleeve for you, considered you as a good friend, do favors for you. It also matters WHO is listening. E.g. If you bitch to my close friends= big mistake.

Anyways guys, I really wish to make this blog all sunshine & flowers, but needed to vent it out in writing. I think some of these things happen to you guys too. Those of you who are backstabbing your friends, or being too much of a stingy pig, or someone who always expects glitter to come your way…C’mon, learn a thing or 2. Be nice, be polite. Once in a while in your stingy life, do something nice. Buy someone a drink or even coffee.

Anyways…Ciao Bellas~

P.S ( I finally have Twitter! )




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