A Belated Birthday Wish…

I want to wish my dearest dearest friends…Coco, Leka & Roshali a very Happy Birthday!

*teehee, we are always 21

Coco, you have been such a great (insert_other_awesome_adjectives) friend to me all these years. You are always so wise (& cheeky) & you always know what to say to make things better. Love you heaps & I hope you like the present!

P.S: Nerd or not, Wanker or not, you are a trillion $$ friend to me- always.


Leka, you have been a great friend in & out of Uni. We shared some dramas, but it has only made our friendship stronger than before, & realise how much more important our friendship is compared to the fluff & bullshit. The heart necklace ( as corny as it sounds) is to represent our friendship & my sincere heart! 🙂

Love you ❤

Awesome card isn’t it lol! “No added love & care”


Roshali, in the short time we have met, we have hit it off like chemistry ( I seriouslu reckon if one of us is a guy..OMG) lol. You have such a lovable & infectious personality, with your cute laugh…you make my day everyday! Happy 21st Birthday bubs, & yes we will have an ENCORE birthday bash here in Melbourne.


By the way, I have discovered another awesome blogger that I absolutely love.

XiaXue is from Singapore! Love her ‘tongue-in-cheek’ personality & her perspectives of things. Check her out!!

I do recommend for you to read the blogs from the archives under “Classics” & “Infamous” (on the left side of her blog page)…the ones I especially love are “A Mail from *Ian”, “Weak Women”, “Phone Sex (bloody hilarious!!!!!!!!), “Xiaxue= all make up”

I hope she won’t mind (in case she sees this), but this is a little clipping from “A Mail from *Ian”…

“Friendship was of utmost importance to her, and she was grateful that she found Ian. She was that way. She fiercely protects all of her friends. If you are lucky enough to be considered one of them, she will stay loyal forever – sometimes to a silly extent.

In exchange she requests for a fierce loyalty from her friends too, and that they accept her as she is. If she traces any ounce of phoniness, bam! goes the friendship. She is honest, frank, and sometimes to the extent of blunt and tactless – but that’s the way she is. In exchange, she welcomes brutal honesty back, without complain…”

Check it out:


Goodnight World ❤

2 thoughts on “A Belated Birthday Wish…

  1. Elle, I love you. You’re amazing and thank you so much for your lovely post! Move over Graham I’m getting a sex change and taking your woman..

    At the rate we are going, I think we’ll be friends for a long time to come (won’t be able to get rid of each other haha)! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday. We must plan the encore!

    Much Love,


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