Accessories Crazy!!

Came across these really cool & cute accessories the other day at Mouche in Westfield Shopping Centre…The colours are so pretty! I was thinking that it’s nice to wear some bold & bright colours during winter when everything gets so dreary & grey.

Mouche is available in Chadstone as well as in the city!

How cute is the ‘Disneyland’ Ring!! 😀

Bought this from Mouche. Thought its really different! & BOLD! 😀

Then went to Alannah Hill in Chadstone & realized they have renovated the boutique! Sooo Pretty! 😀

Everyone who lives in Australia KNOW that Alannah Hill has some really kooky- unique stuff.  From their 1920’s inspired dresses & accessories, one cannot help but to be lost in their dreamy ‘burlesque’ theme boutique! I went GAGA over their fishnets!!

All international viewers, if you ever come to Australia, you should check out her boutique! It’s in all major shopping centres 🙂

These rings are AMAZING!! Holding a glass of cocktail or wine will never look for pretty haha~ It reminded me of the ring Samantha from SATC 1 was bidding on.

Bought these in the end ❤


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