♥ L.O.V.E ♥

Hello Everyone!


Today I went to a Bridal Couture Dress Expo with my sister (Bride-to-be), Leanne & her mother in law Siew.

The FUNNEST day ever 🙂 She decided on a dress (which looked AMAZING on her) within half an hour- & guess who picked it out for her 😉

We booked the ‘Hour of Power’ which was a private show & first hand pick of dresses before the show was opened to the general public, so it was good that we picked out that dress b4 it was snapped up!

I’m not going to unveil the chosen dress here as it is going to be revealed at the Wedding (sorry!), but here are some photos from the day! Sorry if the quality ain’t good as I was using my phone’s camera- cuz silly Graham Tran forgot to pass me the digital camera last night! 😦

Mimi, thanks for making me your Maid of Honour. 🙂

P.S: You look so gorgeous today! I wish Mom, Vi, Cia & Delinda was here to see it.


Anyways, I am pretty sleepy now, so…Goodnight World!


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