Burberry Beauty!

Burberry has finally launched their new line of cosmetics in Nordstrom! 🙂

While I am excited with this new range, I am also quite skeptical with the product quality. I am aware that some of the fashion houses do have a diffusion cosmetics line such as Givenchy, YSL, Giorgio Armani & Chanel, but personally, I have always preferred buying Make-Up from the ‘proper’ cosmetics brands such as Bobby Brown, Shu Eumura (favourite!), Clinique etc.

Anyways, I find that most of the colors by Burberry are in the natural earthy tones. In this sense, it is good that they stick with the authentic “Brit” look, a very beautiful porcelain complexion with a hint of ‘glow’- not something too flashy & trashy! 

Each of the face, lip, and eye products is crafted to be easily applied and easily worn, boasting incredibly soft, breathable textures. A color palette of smoky metallics and neutral khaki tones calls to mind Burberry’s iconic trench, as does the signature check pattern that graces every compact of face powder and tube of lip gloss.”

So…these are some of the product ranges that standout!

Burberry ‘Warm Glow’ Bronzer

Sheer Eyeshadow in ‘Almond’

Lip Cover in ‘Brick Red’

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Goodnight World

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