Potty the Beagle

For those of you who know me well, know that I used to have a Beagle.

She was my very first dog, and I loved her sooo damn much.

She would always follow me around the house, accompany me …& always looking up at me with those big sad eyes.

 Unfortunately, I had to give her away. 😦

I knew I couldn’t take care of her well & often left her home alone. So it was only fair I gave her to better owners (or so I hope) who can pay more attention to her.

Recently I had a dream about her, & I woke up feeling quite depressed, missing her so much. 

Coincidentally, I went to Century City Walk in Glenny the same day & came across this movie poster, went home & bawled my eyes out.

I know…what a baby.

But seeing this, you’ll understand.

(Potty sleeping on the heater)

Letting her go, was to me, like letting go of your first child. I mean I took care of her since she was a puppy. I think leaving her is a guilt I can never live down 😦

Miss you Potty ❤

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