So Into You!

Jyes, Jyes, just like what the title says, I am into:

Jun Hasegawa

One of the most coveted models in Tokyo, Jun is a resident cover girl in ViVi Magazine, and famous for her “opening” catwalks in Tokyo Girls Collection.

Watch her here…

and here…start from 1:00 minute onwards


Yes, how can I NOT mention her? She is my no.1 girl haha who happened to be in the same Tokyo Girls Collection featured above.

Check out this Japaneses Music Video she’s in…too cute! & I am loving the song too!

Prints ❤

Loving prints at the moment…I came across these pics, but don’t know what they are for! But the model in it look so cool!

…now I know the fashion season is going into Fall/ Winter, but I can’t help loving these from Prada

Janice & Sonya

a.k.a JS Twin Sisters!!

So cute…and their voices are amazing!! Check them out!

Alexa Chung

LOVE HER LOOK!!!! I believe that that’s a Mulberry Bag?? The new collection of Proenza Schouler satchels looks similar…hmm what do you think?

But oh what the hell!! Love them both!!!

Anyways…that is all~


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