Pretty like Barbie? Yes Please!

Hello Hello!!

Exams are finally over and I feel a new sense of FREEDOM!!! 😀

All the hard work studying seems like it paid off…I mean there were times when I stayed up till 5am to 6am in the morning 😦

Hopefully if I pass everything this semester, it will be the end of Uni for crossing fingers! x

However, that sense of freedom didn’t last long because now I have been working everyday to try & raise funds for (I’d like to say “trip”) whatever that I am impulsed to spend on haha! Jokes~

Anyways, I recently confided that I wanted to have plastic surgery on my eyelids to make it bigger. I won’t lie haha but I am sure everyone has their own insecurities about themselves.

But these pictures really scared the SHIT out of me…the pain girls have to go through to achieve a “perfect” image.

Warning: These pics can be quite graphic for some…but in this case, the girl is trying to look like AngelaBaby (whom I absolutely adore as you all would know)





She is on the left? And her friend probably used the same doctor as well.

Do you guys think she looks like Angelababy?

It’s funny though when you mention plastic surgery about someone & people act shocked because, what is it that’s so wrong about plastic surgery? I admit when I was younger, the concept seemed wrong & I used to ‘follow the crowd’ in judging others, saying how “fake” they are, but now, it is such common practice that I can’t actually find anything wrong with it, or with anyone that had gone through with it.

If I had the money & the guts to do it, I will.

And I am sure there are tons of chicks who “flinch” & bitch about others who had it done- secretly wants to do it too.

I see all these YouTube comments about people bitching on how disappointed they are to find out these stars have done it…I only see the hypocrisy in it all.

Because at the end of the day, they change their looks for US, the viewers. I mean I get mad when lead actresses fall short in their looks and act in dramas where the guys are damn hot- you say out loud “damn she’s ugly!! WHY HERRRR”

From a young age, girls are ‘groomed’ to like beautiful things- this is engraved into our brains! C’mon who had an ‘ugly’ Barbie doll?

So…bleh…don’t know why people still act like they live in a cave that it is ooohh soo shocking to have celebrities going through surgery, or find out people they know had surgery done to their face.

In my opinion, as long as your personality stays the same (well maybe you are more confident after the change), the change in looks shouldn’t determine who you are as a person right? Fake shouldn’t just be relied & blamed unto how much you changed your face.

Well I guess everyone’s  opinion will differ. 🙂

There goes me rambling on…hahaha but yes, I would like to have nicer eyelids, not droopy ones. It makes me have this permanent “sleepy” look haha

I realise, my good photos are always when I face sideways! My signature pose (well, I like to think of it as “a la signature” haha) is always tilting head back slightly, face the side, and put my arm on hip look! Grrr…gotta stop this habit! I look the same in every photo 😛

And another…

And AGAIN!!!!

YEP!! Btw, this photo is during a theme night at EVE, “Back to the 80s”

and a shout out to Janice in the pic with me, who is all the way in Europe this whole year. Miss you Janice! Can’t await the day we re-unite for coffee ❤

Hm…speaking of themes, I would love:

“Only in Japan

Geishas, Ninjas, Samurai Warriors, Harajuku Girls & Boys, Ganguros, Cosplays, School Girls & Boys, Yakuzas, the punk rocks…so MANY!

“Full Moon Party”

Beach theme complete with Buckets!! 🙂

“Bad Fashion Party”

After going to a friend’s party with this theme, it was instant success- and Funny too!

And last but not least, a shout out to Jess who is in Beijing.

Love you. Miss you. Come back soon babe!

Till then…xoxo

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