Art of the Trench

BRrrrrr Its FREEZING!!

I am the absolute worst towards cold weather!

There is just something about the cold that makes you much more lazier- lazier to get out of bed, lazier to go out, Just Lazy haha

The bed seems much more comfier, food seems to taste nicer though, and its also nice to snuggle up with your loved ones in bed 🙂

Cold weather = Hotpot & Udons nom nom…


My sister is finally planning her wedding for next year! And guess who is the Maid of Honour?! YOURS TRULY of course 😀 heheheh

The other bridesmaid is my younger sister Delinda 🙂

So damn excited & I think I might be the one who’s more excited than her- & more pushy 🙂 Well I only want the best for her & for her wedding to be perfect. It took some convincing since she orginally didn’t even want a wedding ceremony! My god, if my mother knew, she will be so shocked!! But COME ON! Wheres the fun & memories in that?!

So far I’ve been scouting for the perfect bridesmaid dresses…the colour theme is Autumn browns, peaches & cream. Sounds fair & easy enough right?? BUT DAMN HARD TO FIND!! Maybe I’m just picky 🙂 Hopefully I can find some beautiful dresses to make her happy! Then there is this bridal couture dress expo we are attending in July excited ❤

One of the dresses that caught my eye…very cute & simple, in particular the baroque lace prints. It comes with a black sash around the its very pretty on!

Anyways…I took a shot of Graham in his Burberry Trench..& this is my favourite one.

Tis’ the season for the trenches. I’m obsessed with Burberry Trenches, not because I used to work @ Burberry (well I learnt more about them there)

They are so classic, so timeless. Reminds me of the year of the suave gentlemens 🙂 Of Clarke Gable, Audrey Hepburn & many more…

If you want trenchcoat, get a Burberry! I HIGHLY recommend. That extra bit of money is a lifelong investment. It wears well, & will look great in many years to come. 🙂

Burberry invented the trenchcoats, & designed them for the soldiers & war office in WW1. “Trenchcoat” is derived because its worn by the soldiers in the trenches-hence its name.

Many do not know, but all of the features on the coat has a unique function. The epaulettes on the shoulders were used to sling & hang your rifle around, the flap on the chest used to be padding for rifle recoil, the D-rings which hang around the belt are used to carry maps, water bottles, & sometimes grenades. The yoke at the back is used as a water shield, so when it rains, the water slides off.

All of the features are now a fashion icon…only too bad many people are ignorant of its history.

The Burberry Prorsum Trench featured in June/July ’10 VOGUE

Check out The Sartorialist’s “Art of the Trench” website for Burberry,

You can post up a pic of yourself with a Burberry trench & Christopher Bailey handpicks which will be posted on Art of the Trench!

Ok enough talk…here are some funny pics!

So cute! ❤

Roger- who lost his way home! I miss him ❤

OH this made me smile while @ work in Chadstone…look closely at the pic hehe

Can you see in between the cracks??

Its a little teddy! Some kid mustve stuck them there! How cute! ❤

My nice sis bought me some cakes hehe YAMMYY


Anyways…I’ll end this here ❤ Stay Warm & drink lots of Lemon & Honey Tea<3

A Winter Evening ❤

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