Bambi Loves…

Hey Everyone!

As the heading suggests…

These are some of the things I ❤ at the moment…

1. Prada

Especially their S/S ’10 Collection…

Want!! Their current Jewelled Mistolino Clutch & Bags 😀

Check out their runway collection

Loving their runway song too!

❤  ❤ ❤

Loving their Prada ‘Postcards’ Sunnies! Cute!!


Nom Nom Nom!!

I crave this everyday…never gets bored of it! 🙂

3. Michelle Phan inspired Make-Up 🙂

WARNING: Narcissist photos might make some people throw up!! So don’t look here if you don’t like self taken photos! hehe

4. Bambi Northwood-Blythe

I recently bought the June Harpers Bazaar. And this girl immediately caught my eyes…she had this smoldering look like Brooke Shields. Forget the others…she’s the one to watch! Funnily enough, I found out later that her name is Bambi!

Bambi is a Sydney based, 19 year old model. So there…instant LOVE 🙂

Look at this cover..and tell me which one has the sexiest, most unique look! (Answer will be below…)

hehehe see if you agree with me…

She is the one on the leftest of the cover page!! hehe

And here is a photo of Brooke Shields in her hay days…(below)

Striking resemblance…well if you don’t think so..check out more of Bambi’s & Brooke’s photos on Google!

Anyways…I wanna say thanks once again for visiting my blog!!

(even to those who dislike me- but still check out my blog 😛 hehe)


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