Delightful Delightful!

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone!!!

Just want to quickly share some random thoughts…

Im loving the Karla Spetic A/W 10 Collection!

Although sherbet colours were already used in this S/S 10 by the big fashion/ couture houses…it still looks “refreshing” in the dreary winter!

Karla Spetic ❤ Check it out…

Check this!!

For the I-Pad!! How cute!!


Also…speaking of Mothers’ Day, check out Stella McCartney’s Fall ’09 Collection,

& Stella says…

“I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum,” said McCartney, referring to the late Linda McCartney. “And we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi,” she added.

I thought these ad campaigns were absolutely loveable!~

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